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tr.v. dis·ar·ranged, dis·ar·rang·ing, dis·ar·rang·es
To upset the proper arrangement or order of.

dis′ar·range′ment n.
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Noun1.disarrangement - a condition in which an orderly system has been disrupted
disorderliness, disorder - a condition in which things are not in their expected places; "the files are in complete disorder"


عَبْث بِ، تَغيير تَرْتيب


nUnordnung f


(disəˈreindʒ) verb
to throw out of order; to make untidy. The strong wind had disarranged her hair.
ˌdisarˈrangement noun
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Indeed, I shouldn't have discovered that he had been there, except for the disarrangement of the drapery about the corpse's face, and for observing on the floor a curl of light hair, fastened with a silver thread; which, on examination, I ascertained to have been taken from a locket hung round Catherine's neck.
Neither, beyond the blowing out of the candle - which stood on a table between the door and my sister, and was behind her when she stood facing the fire and was struck - was there any disarrangement of the kitchen, excepting such as she herself had made, in falling and bleeding.
the ordering out of the Guards and the line to Belgium, and the mustering of the allied armies in that country under the command of his Grace the Duke of Wellington--such a dignified circumstance as that, I say, was entitled to the pas over all minor occurrences whereof this history is composed mainly, and hence a little trifling disarrangement and disorder was excusable and becoming.
13],[23],[24] The disarrangement of the BBB leads to the leakage of plasma components through the BBB into the vessel wall and perivascular space, and this is thought to cause EPVS.
Sugar could also be toxic to the liver when it is in excess and there is a disarrangement of its normal physiology in the body, which is a diseased condition,' said Professor Abiodun Otegbayo, a consultant gastroenterologist at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State.
Full-thickness eyelid lacerations that do not involve the eyelid margin may be associated with significant internal disarrangement of lid structures and perforation of the globe.
Understanding how the components of this systemic metabolic disarrangement interact may help find a shortcut to detect a metabolic target early in OA pathophysiology.
This disarrangement results in histological changes providing an ideal substrate for re-entry and arrhythmias6.
It starts - perhaps inevitably - with his father, a man prone to seeking out 'the bizarre disarrangement of familiar objects': collapsed bridges, or tractors dumped upside down by storms.
In a 2013 project, Degenerative Disarrangement, Divecha had negotiated for the bricks from a section of the pavement at the Al Ghubaiba bus stop in Dubai to be uprooted and re-laid in the courtyard of a historic house.
The main thrust behind Nazism was not just a new type of agnosticism or cultural disarrangement, but rather a mix of extreme-nationalism combined with racism, imperialism, and additionally a wide range of features ranging from realism, occultism to technocratic and even scientific fantasy.
These frequently demonstrate a relation to occlusal disarrangement, besides being able to justify changes in swallowing, breathing and speech functions [2].