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v. dis·ar·tic·u·lat·ed, dis·ar·tic·u·lat·ing, dis·ar·tic·u·lates
To separate at the joints; disjoint.
To become disjointed.

dis′ar·tic′u·la′tion n.
dis′ar·tic′u·la′tor n.


n. desarticulación, separación o amputación de dos o más huesos articulados entre sí.
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Claude Akeaos Disarticulation Theory is the main curse afflicting sub-Sahara Africa and only an articulate leadership can remove that curse.
Seven categories were defined on the basis of the CCI codes: hip and pelvis, transfemoral, knee disarticulation, transtibial, ankle, foot, and toes.
Minor amputations like toe amputation, disarticulation of the toes were done for gangrene of the toes.
As McMahon and her team worked on the site, it became clear the degree of disarticulation was the same across all the bodies.
But the country's archipelagic configuration contributed to its political disarticulation.
No scrape marks were identified, and this, in combination with the anatomical location of the incisions, suggests that they were undertaken for the purpose of disarticulation and dismemberment rather than defleshing (Reichs 1998), although it cannot be ruled out that the latter occurred as part of this process.
Daniel Defoe's exemplary status in cultural histories of the novel rests upon the premise that his fiction anticipate the rise of bourgeois civil society--a shift in social relations precipitated by the disarticulation of labor and exchange from sovereign control.
Abstract: This clinical report describes the use of stifle disarticulation in 2 avian patients as an alternative to transfemoral limb amputation.
Some disadvantages of tongue flap like bulk, two stage surgery, requires good patient cooperation as transient dysphagia, disarticulation and risk of postoperative aspiration are reported.
Shoulder disarticulation Shoulder disarticulation (3)###Not specified###After amputation
Manufactured devices include lower extremities such as partial foot prosthesis, hands-tibial, trans-femoral, and knee disarticulation & Upper extremities such as partial hand, wrist disarticulation, below & above elbow.