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v. dis·band·ed, dis·band·ing, dis·bands
To dissolve the organization of (a corporation, for example).
1. To cease to function as an organization; break up.
2. To separate and move in different directions; disperse.

[Obsolete French desbander, to separate someone from a troop : des-, dis- + Old French band, troop; see band2.]

dis·band′ment n.
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Noun1.disbandment - the act of disbanding; "the orchestra faced the prospect of disbandment"
group action - action taken by a group of people
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The disbandment of the Imperial troops and the reorganization of the Royal army caused a change in the destination of many officers, who returned, some on half-pay, others with or without a pension, to their native towns,-- all having a desire to counteract their luckless fate, and to end their life in a way which might to Rose Cormon be a happy beginning of hers.
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i proposed the disbandment following complaints of massive graft.
Japanese vocal group Kalafina decides to follow composer Yuki Kajiura out the door and confirms disbandment by the end of spring.
FIANNA Fail has joined Sinn Fein in calling for the disbandment of Leo Varadkar's spin machine.
Religious leaders called for the disbandment of the group barely two weeks after it had been registered.
This development comes amidst a summary that was forwarded to the Prime Minister's office by Ministry of Industries and Production to review the decision regarding disbandment of EDB due to malpractice and corruption.
The group's disbandment follows the breakup of K-pop girl groups 4Minute, 2NE1 and Kara last year and Sistar and Wonder Girls earlier this year.
Inmates at the Manila City jail made a commotion or noise barrage at the prison compound yesterday, to protest the segregation of inmates with drug related cases, disbandment of gangs and dismantling of kubols or makeshift houses inside.
The royal couple will visit the base to attend the Search and Rescue (SAR) Force Disbandment Parade, to mark the end of more than 75 years of RAF SAR UK operations.
The tough and unpredictable Korean entertainment business has resulted in the disbandment of another K-pop group.
While the changes are welcome they do not retrieve the situation entirely for injured workers and have a sting in their tail, which includes disbandment of the Dust Diseases Tribunal and the breaking up of WorkCover.
They further said that lawyers of Pakistan would strive for the disbandment of military courts in the country.