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v. dis·be·lieved, dis·be·liev·ing, dis·be·lieves
To refuse to believe or accept; reject: There is no reason to disbelieve his story.
To withhold or reject belief.

dis′be·liev′er n.
dis′be·liev′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.disbelievingly - in an incredulous mannerdisbelievingly - in an incredulous manner; "the woman looked up at her incredulously"


[ˌdɪsbəˈliːvɪŋlɪ] advin modo incredulo, con incredulità
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Yes, there have been occasions when that hitherto eternally-downtrodden bunch of fans have stared disbelievingly at match tickets that promise the arrival of the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
They stare at it disbelievingly How on earth did dad get music out of this?
Cue the same depressingly predictable clash of personalities and bacteria tolerance thresholds as in previous series, Claire running out to the garden to dry-heave at all the caked-on squalor while Charlie disbelievingly rolls his eyes, along with another fag, at the needless fuss of it all.
The French general Pierre Bosquet cried out disbelievingly, "It is magnificent, but it is not war, it is madness.
When evidence of the deals to which they were a party during the negotiations are made public, they tend to react disbelievingly, ratcheting up the denials.
He said: "I have had to watch, disbelievingly, as what was a hotbed of quality drama production has been systematically dismantled to the point where virtually nothing remains, and all the outstanding people that I worked with, particularly on the crew and on post-production, have been forced to relocate or leave the industry entirely.
Rocker pulled himself to his feet and shook his head disbelievingly, she was a real firecracker.
When those funding the spectacle of Europe's glorious charade vote disbelievingly with their funds and in the ballot box, then it may actually be unravelling.
Luc Besson and his writing partner came to me and said, "We want to do Taken 2,'' Neeson says disbelievingly.
I killed ten, perhaps 11, over three days,' she says, slowly and almost disbelievingly, counting the murders on her fingers.
Last week I was back in Oslo, this time gazing solemnly, disbelievingly at the shattered government building which was the first devastating part of Anders Breivik's evil, twin-pronged attack on his own people.
Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, challenged, disbelievingly.