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Exhibiting keen insight and good judgment; perceptive.

dis·cern′ing·ly adv.
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People are starting to treat their eyewear choices in the same way they choose their accessories more discerningly and with a lot more care," he explained.
Mike Benner, SIBA's chief executive, said: "Quality, flavoursome beer from independent British craft breweries has never been in greater demand, with more people than ever drinking more discerningly and choosing full-flavoured beer.
As he discerningly concludes, "the myth of regeneration through violence" pervades not only the South, but American experience as a whole (76), and the Bible offers diverse instances of renewal through destruction, which O'Connor, prophet-like, adapts with visionary genius.
Eschewing excess, espousing spareness, Meppayil is discerningly eclectic about the art-historical precedents to which her aesthetic and sensibility are attuned, and these extend back to .
With criminals and terrorists using sophisticated social engineering to gain access to classified information, law enforcement and public sector call centers need a security solution that can discerningly identify high risk callers from legitimate ones.
In an urbanized and modernized social environment in which individuals are connected to multiple communities and are exposed daily to new information from multiple sources, it has become more crucial for opinion leaders to be able to actively and discerningly seek messages coming from various sources.
As for the Cicero test, The Death of Caesar passes easily, treating the man, the politician, and the political philosopher discerningly and generously.
The collection was an important step for Traina Snow, who wants to "round out the lifestyle" that she has so discerningly established.
The most agreed upon definition comes from Whitehead (2001) who explains that physical literacy includes being able to perceive intelligently and respond discerningly.
THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) is also planning to engage local election hopefuls in the 2016 balloting in debates that will allow them to discuss their platform of government to the people and provide an avenue for voters to discerningly assess their chosen candidates.
The second reason is that you need the knowledge to buy global art discerningly.
The sensus fidei gives an instruction as to the right way forward amid the uncertainties and ambiguities of history, and a capacity to listen discerningly to what human culture and the progress of the sciences are saying.