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v. dis·charged, dis·charg·ing, dis·charg·es
a. To release, as from confinement, care, or duty: discharge a patient; discharge a soldier.
b. To let go; empty out: a train discharging commuters.
c. To pour forth; emit: a vent discharging steam.
d. To shoot: discharge a pistol.
2. To remove from office or employment. See Synonyms at dismiss.
3. To perform the obligations or demands of (an office, duty, or task).
4. To comply with the terms of (a debt or promise, for example).
5. Law To release from debt, as in bankruptcy.
6. To remove (color) from cloth, as by chemical bleaching.
7. Electricity To cause the release of stored energy or electric charge from (a battery, for example).
8. Architecture
a. To apportion (weight) evenly, as over a door.
b. To relieve (a part) of excess weight by distribution of pressure.
9. To clear the record of the loan of (a returned library book).
a. To relieve (a ship, for example) of a burden or of contents; unload.
b. To unload or empty (contents).
a. To go off; fire: The musket discharged loudly.
b. To pour forth, emit, or release contents.
c. To become blurred, as a color or dye; run.
2. To undergo the release of stored energy or electric charge.
3. To get rid of a burden, load, or weight.
n. (dĭs′chärj′, dĭs-chärj′)
1. The act of shooting or firing a projectile or weapon.
a. A flowing out or pouring forth; emission; secretion: a discharge of pus.
b. The amount or rate of emission or ejection.
c. Something that is discharged, released, emitted, or excreted: a watery discharge.
3. The act or an instance of removing an obligation, burden, or responsibility.
a. Fulfillment of the terms of something, such as a debt or promise.
b. Performance, as of an office or duty.
a. Dismissal or release from employment, service, care, or confinement.
b. An official document certifying such release, especially from military service.
6. Electricity
a. Release of stored energy in a capacitor by the flow of current between its terminals.
b. Conversion of chemical energy to electric energy in a storage battery.
c. A flow of electricity in a dielectric, especially in a rarefied gas.
d. Elimination of net electric charge from a charged body.
7. The act of removing a load or burden.

[Middle English dischargen, from Old French deschargier, from Vulgar Latin *discarricāre, to unload : Latin dis-, dis- + Latin carricāre, to load; see charge.]

dis·charge′a·ble adj.
dis′charg·ee′ n.
dis·charg′er n.
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This hoist design bulk bag discharger is offered for unloading bulk bags without the need of a forklift truck.
Available as a stand alone unit or integral component of a bulk bag discharger, the unit measures 2210mm H x 3378mm W x 1981mm D.
Company's portable Lift & Seal Drum Discharger is designed to provide a safe and effective means of transferring dusty and/or hazardous materials from the customers' drums into process equipment.
Once open, it continues to vibrate, becoming a fully automatic discharger and bridge-breaker, promoting a free flow of even the most difficult to discharge materials.
The company's comprehensive range of bulk bag dischargers includes a model specifically designed to discharge material in problematic height-restricted areas where loading a bag into a regular discharger would require the forklift frame to be raised higher than the ceiling height.
The company's bulk bag discharger provides controllable discharge by volume of poor flowing materials without wastage or spillage for increased productivity and a cleaner work environment.
What is called the first totally dust-free bulk-bag discharger comes from Spiroflow Systems, Charlotte, N.
A simple Type 1 support frame bulk bag discharger supports the weight of the bag for safe, secure and controlled discharge of free flowing product, according to the manufacturer.
The material is transferred from containers into the loading bin by a container discharger.
The IBC cone-valve discharger from ISL Cone Valve Technology, Rock Hill, S.
Iron Mountain Mine is the largest discharger of heavy metals to surface waters in the nation and has a major impact on the valuable Sacramento River fishery and water resources.
The Type 5 Bulk Bag Discharger utilizes a special removable frame design that reduces the necessary height for forklift tines.