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, diskitis
n. discitis, infl. de un disco.
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To the Editor: Calcific discitis is a self-limiting cervical disc disease usually seen in children and uncommon in adults.
Patients with a previous history of spondylolysis, lumbar disc hernia, lumbar trauma, scoliosis, discitis, or previous lumbar spine surgery were excluded.
Discitis develops as a result of microorganisms' being carried by needle and the most frequent microorganisms are S.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the patient's spine confirmed multilevel discitis and osteomyelitis (T7-T9, L5-S1) with no cord compression.
Complications Following Fenestration Discectomy Superficial skin infection 4% Discitis 4% Dural tear 4% Urinary incontinence and 4% failed back No complications 84% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Vertebral discitis is a rare but debilitating complication and is more frequently reported in recent studies.
In their series of eight patients, all underwent microsurgery via an anterior approach; a single-level discectomy with curettage of the disc plates was performed at the level of the discitis followed by incision of the posterior longitudinal ligament for abscess drainage.
The involvement of the adjacent anatomical structures (vertebral body destruction, discitis, psoas abscess, and AEF) can accompany these features.
Biomechanical responses due to discitis infection of a juvenile thoracolumbar spine using finite element modeling", Medical engineering & physics, 36.
Complications of RBF include septic arthritis, endocarditis, and rarely discitis, as in our patient.
Intraoperatively, he was found to have acute-on-chronic osteomyelitis in T10 and T11, epidural abscess, and discitis in T12-L1.
Differential diagnoses for PRAF Macro & Microtrauma Pars Stress Continuum Disc herniation SCIWORA Space Occupying Lesion Disc herniation Tumours Cysts Infection Discitis Mechanical Low Back Facet irritation/syndrome Pain Sacroiliac joint syndrome Paraspinal strain Dynamic muscular instability SCIWORA: spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality