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tr.v. dis·closed, dis·clos·ing, dis·clos·es
1. To expose to view, as by removing a cover; uncover.
2. To make known (something heretofore kept secret).

[Middle English disclosen, from Old French desclore, desclos- : des-, dis- + clore, to close (from Latin claudere).]

dis·clos′a·ble adj.
dis·clos′er n.
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It is difficult for me to discuss the status of my life because of the stigma attached, but in the interest of full discloser, I will do so.
The costs of compliance, complexity, and high potential for misinterpretation outweigh the benefits this discloser may provide to financial statement users.
The government considers a host of factors when choosing how to resolve a self-disclosure case, including the effectiveness of preexisting compliance programs, the nature of the conduct and its financial impact, the doctor's ability to repay, whether the discloser is a first-time offender, whether the incident is isolated, efforts to correct the problem, the period of alleged conduct, how the matter was discovered, and the party's level of cooperation.
Breach of confidence protects private information that is confidential in nature, disclosed in confidence and is misused to the detriment of the discloser.
KUWAIT - Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Acting Oil Minister Anas Al-Saleh submitted his financial discloser to the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (PACC).
In order to determine the subjective mindset of a discloser, the decision maker will necessarily have to consider various types of objective evidence.
Rules will be set out for regulation and discloser in order to ensure that corruption is completely eliminated.
The Impact of Reported Corporate Governance Discloser on the Financial Performance of Companies Listed on the JSE, 1-14.
Author's note: Providing full discloser, I did provide some limited advice to Nexter in 2012.
Essentially, protected Whistleblowing activities are the disclosure of information which the discloser reasonably believes shows evidence of a violation of law, rule, or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.
Discloser of coupon/offer is mandatory before availing the coupon
While there is no one statute that criminalizes the unauthorized disclosure of any classified information, a patchwork of statutes exists to protect information depending upon its nature, the identity of the discloser and of those to whom it was disclosed, and the means by which it was obtained.