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n. pl. dis·cog·ra·phies
1. The study and cataloging of phonograph records.
2. A comprehensive list of the recordings made by a particular performer or of a particular composer's works.

dis·cog′ra·pher n.
dis′co·graph′i·cal (dĭs′kə-grăf′ĭ-kəl), dis′co·graph′ic (-grăf′ĭk) adj.


(ˌdɪskəʊˈɡræfɪk) or


(Music, other) of or relating to a discography
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Acquisition of books, videos and compact discs audio and various services of filmographic, bibliographic and discographic service for the mediatheque and the Mediabusforme of market: to orders of orders with minimum and maximum.
2) The 2014 version, vastly improved, is the only extensive discographic treatment of French Antillean music to date.
Song entries feature standard discographic information, but many also include descriptions of cover art, lyrics for songs in the public domain, and links to digitized recordings, online sheet music, or primary sources with information about the entry.
The Association for Recorded Sound Collections gave her its Award for Distinguished Service to Historical Recordings, which honors a person who has made outstanding contributions to the field, outside of published works or discographic research.
Comparison of discographic findings in asymptomatic subject discs and the negative discs of chronic LBP patients: can discography distinguish asymptomatic discs among morphologically abnormal discs?
Drawing on his unpublished discographic data, Miss Riboet recorded approximately 140 songs for Beka between 1927 and 1932.
There are some 1,400 Mahler recordings currently out there, and the purpose of my article was not to make a discographic survey or even to provide the historical context for my preferences.
The School For Scandal At a time when plays of a debatable quality are given house room in theatres up and down the kingdom and TV is blocked with spurious "talent" shows, focussed always on singers who scream for discographic success, how truly marvellous then it is to see a richly-talented company based at the Theatre Royal Bath bring out an 18th century British classic.
What has Reynolds worried is that the Web has become an infinite, open music library full of discographic wormholes and promiscuous borrowing privileges.
Gill K, Videman T, Shimizu T and Mooney V (1987): The effect of repeated extensions on the discographic dye patterns in cadaveric lumbar motion segments.
Excited to be introduced and perhaps gather some discographic data if not actual records from Owen, I asked Luke to call him on my behalf about getting together.