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 (dĭs′koid′) also dis·coi·dal (dĭ-skoid′l)
1. Having a flat, circular form; disk-shaped.
2. Related to or having a disk.
3. Having disk flowers only. Used of a composite flower head.

dis′coid′ n.


1. like a disc
2. (Botany) (of a composite flower such as the tansy) consisting of disc florets only
a disclike object


(ˈdɪs kɔɪd)

also dis•coi′dal,

1. having the form of a disk; flat and circular.
2. (of a composite flower) having a disk without rays.
[1785–95; < Late Latin discoīdēs < Greek diskoeidḗs quoit-shaped]
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Adj.1.discoid - having a flat circular shape
circular, round - having a circular shape


adj discoide
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Yee (2012: 622) cited a number of Chinese sites that have yielded discoid cores, including Zhoukoudian Locality 15, Xujiayao, Gezidong, Jiangjiawan and Banjingzi.
Twenty-eight children with drug-induced lupus, discoid lupus, other connective tissue diseases and those older than 18 years of age were excluded.
Lupus erythematosus can be subdivided into 3 major clinical variants: chronic discoid (DLE), which is limited to the skin; a subacute form in which skin lesions accompany mild systemic symptoms; and the systemic (acute) form.
05) among seasons in relation to other galling insect adults as follow: discoid gall-inducing Hymenoptera (not identified), spherical gall-inducing Eulophidae (Hymenoptera), and vein gall-inducing Bruchophagus sp.
Examples of tertiary referrals from the Bredasdorp Clinic were 3 cases of acne keloidalis referred for curative surgical excision and 2 cases of chronic discoid lupus erythematosus referred for exclusion of systemic disease and initiation of chloroquine.
They were special deluxe discoid roaches, Blaberus discoidales, sometimes known as the "False Death's Head" roach, a native of South America.
Generally, congenital anomalies affect the lateral meniscus, most commonly a discoid meniscus, although discoid medial menisci can occur much less frequently.
Similarly, it is postulated that during bladder filling, the urothelium undergoes numerous changes, including increases in the surface area of umbrella cells and movement of cytoplasmic discoid vesicles to the plasma membrane.
In addition, patients who had ever smoked were more than twice as likely to meet the American College of Rheumatology criteria for discoid rash (odds ratio, 2.
Kanwar AJ, Kaur S: Leucotrichia in discoid lupus erythematosus.
Focused specifically on discoid and systemic lupus, this highly readable update of the 2001 edition is directed at the patient.