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 (dĭs′koid′) also dis·coi·dal (dĭ-skoid′l)
1. Having a flat, circular form; disk-shaped.
2. Related to or having a disk.
3. Having disk flowers only. Used of a composite flower head.

dis′coid′ n.
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Adj.1.discoidal - having a flat circular shape
circular, round - having a circular shape
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Juan Guillermo Prado relata en su libro que la primera experiencia con supuestas naves gigantes ocurrio el 17 de julio de 1992 cuando el Servicio Aerofotogrametrico de las Fuerza Aerea de Chile capto mediante el satelite geoestacional "GOES-8" (de la serie "NOA"), una nave con forma discoidal de unos 400 kilometros de diametro.
The snail is a large discoidal snail, native to northern South America and southern Central America, that has been a common aquarium snail sold by pet dealers; it is likely that specimens were released into the Comal and San Marcos Rivers by aquarists.
The fauna contains a large number of species; many are extremely small, but some are large; shell shape ranges from tall, thin forms to flat, discoidal forms; Hawaiian habitats are diverse, ranging from xeric scrubland to tropical rain forest to high-altitude aeolian habitats; and prosobranchs, as well as pulmonates, are well represented.
Designing EMI-free circuit housings, including access and egress for "pure" signal and power lines in military and aerospace electronic systems, is usually accomplished using combinations of discoidal multilayer ceramic capacitors and ferrite inductors in a filter assembly.
The earliest purple marine shell beads of which I have knowledge are discoidal shell beads, manufactured from the purple ("black") spot of the quahog or hardshell clam (Mercenaria mercenaria), that postdate ca.
Con relacion al tupu de cabeza discoidal no tenemos evidencia de su uso prehistorico.
We can assume that the microstructure of the system would then consist of discoidal spherulites distorted in the direction of the flow, with a strong tendency to form larger crystallites orthogonal to the flow (MD) than in the opposite direction.
Five discoidal echinoderm holdfasts and a ptilodictyid bryozoan holdfast are cemented to the hardground surface within the Pakri Formation (Darriwilian) (Fig.
Laura Filloy, Felipe Solis y Lourdes Navarijo (2007) nos ofrecen un estudio de una pieza unica: un mosaico discoidal de plumas de 28 centimetros de diametro que procede de algun lugar ignoto de Hidalgo y que ingreso a las colecciones del Museo Nacional de Antropologia en 1939.
Coloracion ventral amarillo palido, excepto el apice del artejo rostral IV y una mancha discoidal en la mesopleura, metapleura, mesocoxa, metacoxa y en los esternios abdominales III a VII, que son pardo.
Cephalic femora with distal five-eigths very slender discoidal spines three in number, cephalic tibiae abbreviate no at third as long as the femora, in addition to the claw with an internal and external two distal spines.
We prepared discoidal reconstituted HDL (rHDL) as previously described (31).