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 (dĭs′koid′) also dis·coi·dal (dĭ-skoid′l)
1. Having a flat, circular form; disk-shaped.
2. Related to or having a disk.
3. Having disk flowers only. Used of a composite flower head.

dis′coid′ n.
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Adj.1.discoidal - having a flat circular shape
circular, round - having a circular shape
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We can assume that the microstructure of the system would then consist of discoidal spherulites distorted in the direction of the flow, with a strong tendency to form larger crystallites orthogonal to the flow (MD) than in the opposite direction.
Five discoidal echinoderm holdfasts and a ptilodictyid bryozoan holdfast are cemented to the hardground surface within the Pakri Formation (Darriwilian) (Fig.
In this portrait, Jobe Charley is pictured in a formal pose, seated against a plain backdrop, wearing eagle feather warbonnet, beaded buckskin jacket, panel leggings and hider, discoidal bead-strung loop necklace, and beaded gloves with a design of eagle, patriotic shield and US flags.
The goal of this proposal is to engineer Discoidal Polymeric Nanoconstructs (DPNs) to preferentially target the malignant neovasculature for the delivery of imaging agents, controlled release of therapeutic molecules and thermal energy.
Furthermore, the variety of variscite ornaments found at Gava (discoidal beads, cylindrical or barrel-shaped beads, small rectangular pierced plaquettes, large plaquettes or 'medals' and two pendants with unique shapes) contrasts with the homogeneity of variscite ornaments found in contemporary pit burials in north-eastern Iberia, where the vast majority of the objects are discoidal or cylindrical beads.
Eye surrounded by a sclerotized rim containing 6 or more discoidal pores (Fig.
We prepared discoidal reconstituted HDL (rHDL) as previously described (31).
Diagnosis: Shell discoidal, spire flat or nearly so, periphery rounded; aperture strongly descendant with reflected rim; umbilicus wide; surface rough, sculptured by raised collabral vermiform granules; lustreless, mid-brown with whitish, flake-like markings and a pale peri-umbilical band.
3); garganta granular en menor proporcion que el vientre, saco vocal presente; pliegue discoidal presente; superficie ventral de los muslos granular; region anal con grandes verrugas, las de mayor tamano proximas a la apertura cloacal.
More than a hundred radial and discoidal structures occur on bed tops of shales and very fine sandstones of the Cambrian (Series 3) King Square Formation in New Brunswick, Canada.