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n. pl. dis·con·form·i·ties
1. Geology A type of unconformity in which the rock layers are parallel.
2. Refusal or failure to conform; nonconformity.


n, pl -ties
1. lack of conformity; discrepancy
2. (Geological Science) the junction between two parallel series of stratified rocks, representing a considerable period of erosion of the much older underlying rocks before the more recent ones were deposited


(ˌdɪs kənˈfɔr mɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the surface of a division between parallel rock strata, indicating interruption of sedimentation: a type of unconformity.
2. Archaic. nonconformity.
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Over the longer span of Kimberley art, Walsh identifies two disconformities when a developing scheme is abruptly broken; these define three epochs, which he calls the Archaic Epoch (pre Bradshaw), the Erudite Epoch (Bradshaw and the 'Clothes Peg Figures' which develop from them), and the Aborigine Epoch (a 'Clawed Hand Group' and the Wandjinas of recent time).
Furthermore, considering the mechanisms by which disconformities can occur in sedimentary sequences, it is by no means certain that the peat dates refer in any meaningful way to the age of the clay deposits above them, for which no dates are available.
ISLAMABAD, January 29, 2012 (Balochistan Times): PEMRA taking serious notice of creeping unacceptable practices of moral policing by some TV channels has warned them to abstain from indulging in un-ethical journalistic practices whereby any act of the reporter, electronic media journalist, anchor or the TV channel as a whole be assumed in disconformities to generally accepted standards of decency, morality and ethics.