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1. The act or an instance of discontinuing or the condition of being discontinued; cessation.
2. Law
a. The plaintiff's failure to proceed in a legal action.
b. The plaintiff's agreement to the dismissal of a legal action.


(ˌdɪs kənˈtɪn yu əns)

1. the act of discontinuing or the state of being discontinued.
2. the termination of a lawsuit by some act of the plaintiff.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Anglo-French]
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Noun1.discontinuance - the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent)
ending, termination, conclusion - the act of ending something; "the termination of the agreement"
disfranchisement - the discontinuation of a franchise; especially the discontinuation of the right to vote
disinheritance - the act by a donor that terminates the right of a person to inherit
phase-out - the act or instance of a planned discontinuation
prorogation - discontinuation of the meeting (of a legislative body) without dissolving it
dismount - the act of dismounting (a horse or bike etc.)
continuance, continuation - the act of continuing an activity without interruption


2. The condition of being stopped:
3. A cessation of continuity or regularity:
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Fatigued as she had been by the morning's walk they had no sooner dined than she set off again in quest of her former acquaintance, and the evening was spent in the satisfactions of a intercourse renewed after many years' discontinuance.
The consul-general for Egypt showed me the newspaper paragraph which mentioned the circumstance and mentioned also the discontinuance of the effort and the closing of the office.
Its discontinuance may have been due to weariness on Steele's part or, since it was Whig in tone, to a desire to be done with partisan writing; at any rate, two months later, in March, 1711, of Marlborough's victory at Blenheim, secured the favor of the ministers of the day, and throughout almost all the rest of his life he held important political places, some even, thanks to Swift, during the period of Tory dominance.
of the same group, are candidates has even consultation, the Client will request the discontinuance of one of them.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Harry Winston Diamond Corporation (TSX: HW, NYSE: HWD)("Harry Winston") reports that it has been served with a formal Notice of Discontinuance of the court action brought by C.
It is no longer primarily about how costs can be capped and sustained; trustees, in many cases influenced by employers, are now considering an overall discontinuance strategy to eradicate ongoing costs driven by funding volatility altogether.
The insurance regulator has addressed the issue of discontinuance of charges for surrender of Ulips.
reported another loss last week for the fourth quarter on lowered sales, a result due largely to the sale or discontinuance of product lines.
I know this because following the recent extremely disappointing decision of Wrexham Council I immediately wrote to the Minister to repeat my earlier request that he call in the decision and give full consideration to issuing a revocation or discontinuance order, whichever one was the most appropriate course of action.
DMSMS concerns the loss or impending loss of manufacturers or suppliers of critical items and raw materials resulting from discontinuance of production.
Assurance of Discontinuance Pursuant to Executive Law [section] 63(15).
A]mounts which are paid to an employee, pursuant to a plan to which the employer is a party, because of an employee's involuntary separation from employment [referring to a discontinuance in the performance of service by the employee for the employer] (whether or not such separation is temporary), resulting directly from a reduction in force, the discontinuance of a plant or operation, or other similar conditions, but only to the extent such benefits are includible in the employee's gross income.