discount chain

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: chain - a chain of discount stores
discount house, discount store, discounter, wholesale house - a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price
chain - (business) a number of similar establishments (stores or restaurants or banks or hotels or theaters) under one ownership
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Electric cars have hit the shelves at the nation's major discount chain.
Tom Morris, 62, started the Home Bargains discount chain 40 years ago.
Brothers Simon, Bobby and Robin Arora, who run discount chain B&M, have seen their wealth rise by PS170million in the past year to PS1.
DISCOUNT chain Lidl wants to demolish its store in Holyhead and build a new larger supermarket on the same site.
Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic spoke today in Verona with the owner of the largest Italian discount chain Eurospin Luigi Mion about the possibilities for the arrival of this chain to Serbia.
THE boss of a discount chain store says that sales of condoms at its Birmingham branches have gone through the roof.
However, the price cut bonanza by discount chain TK Maxx is prompting fears that shoppers are shunning the goods, the Sun reported.
has finalized its real estate transaction with Canadian discount chain Zellers Inc.
At the time, if someone had said they thought there was a market for a new discount chain they'd have been laughed out of town.
ASDA said yesterday it had moved a step closer to buying discount chain Netto's UK stores, after it found buyers for all sites it is required to sell by the Office for Fair Trading (OFT).
Russian food retailer X5 Retail Group (LON:FIVE) said Wednesday it has finalised its takeover of smaller discount chain operator Kopeyka (RTC:KOPK) for an enterprise value of RUB51.
Bulgaria's Competition Protection Commission has allowed German supermarket chain Lidl to acquire the Bulgarian stores of another German discount chain, Plus.