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1. Constituting a separate thing: Computers treat time as a series of discrete moments rather than a continuous flow. See Synonyms at distinct.
2. Consisting of unconnected distinct parts: society viewed as a discrete whole of individual agents.
3. Mathematics Defined for a finite or countable set of values; not continuous.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin discrētus, past participle of discernere, to separate; see discern.]

dis·crete′ly adv.
dis·crete′ness n.
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As a separate unit:
Idioms: one at a time, one by one.
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Reports on the deteriorating health conditions of Al-Sisi's mother, were treated discretely since the start of August.
The Public Building Commission, a blended component unit, and the McHenry County Conservation District, a discretely presented component unit are included in the County s financial statements, but are audited by other auditors.
Barcelona are constantly negotiating to bring in players or offer them new deals, but we do so discretely," he said.
I have asked the question of why when new homes are built the new build does not include either one or two discretely fitted solar panels.
While keeping an eye on Palestine, we continue to work discretely with the Lebanese state to secure both camp and surroundings, the PLO official concluded.
VitalPak designed to discretely organize essential medical supplies for secure, easy transport
Sensors in the shirt capture data about the user, and transmit the data through a small battery-powered unit sewn discretely at the place of label.
This is the first time for the EC to herald transparently there would be no recommendation for opening membership negotiations this time round considering the negative report will mean that the recommendation is officially retracted as was discretely announced in the extraordinary report in April.
After years of negotiation, the Scottish High Court gave permission for discretely placed remote-controlled cameras to film Fraser's six-week trial in Edinburgh Crown Court.
Ellington In Anticipation Mark Lockheart SAXOPHONIST Lockheart explains in the cover note (This is his first release on his own Subtone label and the production and presentation is discretely classy) that his fascination with the Duke began when his father took him to hear the Ellington orchestra in Eastbourne, and he was struck by the individuality of the players.
In addition, Hill advises business owners, strategic buyers, financial and private equity investors in the global personal care ingredient marketplace who are selling, buying or building businesses to discretely find the right partners.
The couture commission for new Sophia range features a black velvet luxury lingerie soft cup bra and knickers each individually set with their own South Sea Pearl that cleverly and discretely conceals a clasp.

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