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The act of making mathematically discrete.
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While the conventional view was that efficiently solving highly nonlinear equations on millions of cores would be intractable, we demonstrated that with careful redesign of discretization, algorithms, solvers and implementation, it would be possible, said Prof.
Based on the nanoscale approaches, the targeted area of this research is related to fine grain parallelism involving a large scale matrix of the discretization model, a large sparse computational complexity, intensively used in a large-scale parallel computing system and a huge memory space.
To consider nonisothermal flow the temperature change between every element of the discretization is taken into account by a temperature shift of the shear- and elongational-viscosities.
Mainly, we analyze the case of multilevel Toeplitz matrices, while some numerical results will be presented also for the discretization of non-constant coefficient partial differential equations (PDEs) based on a local stencil analysis.
Ideally, we would like to have the PDF as the one enclosed by the red rectangle in Figure 7 with appropriated discretization and enough training data set.
The topics include prominent machine learning and data mining methods with example applications to the medical domain, cancer prediction methodology using an enhanced artificial neural network-based classifier and dominant gene expression, a penalized fuzzy clustering algorithm with its application in magnetic resonance image segmentation, seven discretization techniques used for rule induction from data on the lazy eye vision disorder, and applying artificial intelligence in minimally invasive surgery and artificial palpitation.
Momentum was discretized with second order upwind scheme and first order upwind scheme was applied for discretization of turbulent kinetic energy and turbulence dissipation rate equations.
The present work gives analytical solutions and graphics assigned problems method of partial discretization of nonlinear differential equation.
In addition, modeling uncertainties exist due to, but are not limited to, turbulence treatment, multiphase model formulation, numerical discretization schemes, grid dependency, etc.
The discretization of model equations was carried out by the Finite Volume Method.
In addition, this array is used in data discretization which is a part of data reduction for a given continuous number of values, especially for numerical data.
Equation (6) can be solved numerically using a discretization method.