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The act of making mathematically discrete.
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in addition to the simulation of problem-adapted multi-field and multi-phase models with powerful numerical methods based on spatiotemporal discretization of mathematical models, the optimization and parameter identification of the computational models is one of the core tasks of the computational cluster.
Because we considered the three NHANES 2009-2010 subsamples (A, B, and C) separately, note that we converted three concentration matrices into presence-absence matrices for any particular threshold or discretization method applied.
The author covers the fundamental concepts of FEA, controlling discretization errors, finite element mesh, the modeling process, nonlinear static structure analysis, and a great many other related subjects.
When the observer is applied to the actual vehicle, discretization is required to incorporate it into the ECU.
The mimetic discretization of a boundary value problem (BVP) seeks to reproduce the same underlying properties that are satisfied by the continuous solution.
If the attributes are numerical, such as the price of the items, we have to adopt discretization technique to transform the nonnominal to the nominal, which would bring loss of information inevitably.
In Section 4, the numerical results are presented on the terminal response of both lossless and lossy transmission lines using the MRTD scheme and compared to the FDTD method at different space discretization numbers and different Courant numbers.
The fourth order compact scheme is less time consuming than the second order central difference scheme using the same discretization parameters, and , in fourth order compact scheme the number of arithmetic operation is more than the second order central difference scheme.
It uses a discretization sampling method [4, 5], based on the concept of quasi-derivatives' for QDE with generalized coefficients and the corresponding linear differential equations' systems solutions approximation with measures [6].
Based on the nanoscale approaches, the targeted area of this research is related to fine grain parallelism involving a large scale matrix of the discretization model, a large sparse computational complexity, intensively used in a large-scale parallel computing system and a huge memory space.
The process of converting numerical to categorical data is called binning or discretization [11].