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Capable of being discriminated; distinguishable: discriminable faults; a skyline that was discriminable even through smog.

dis·crim′i·na·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
dis·crim′i·na·bly adv.


capable of being discriminated


(dɪˈskrɪm ə nə bəl)

capable of being discriminated or distinguished.
dis•crim′i•na•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.discriminable - capable of being discriminated; "discriminable faults"
distinguishable - capable of being perceived as different or distinct; "only the shine of their metal was distinguishable in the gloom"; "a project distinguishable into four stages of progress"; "distinguishable differences between the twins"
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The apparent superiority of objects and geographical sites as targets can be interpreted meaningfully in terms of such targets being likely to make more discriminable judging sets than other targets, to motivate receivers more in the psi task, and to be more perceptually rich and so on.
The minimal syntactical condition for the pictorial depends on the possibility of distinguishing between those marks on a depicting surface indicating relations between discriminable parts of things (e.
It may be that the river task was more difficult than the other three tasks; the relevant features of the stimuli may have been less discriminable.
Covert conduct problems refer to a complex class of behaviors that: (a) attain desired materials and reinforcing activities that are normatively sanctioned, and (b) are performed under discriminable environmental or behavioral conditions to minimize experience of those sanctions by proactive or retroactive concealment of the attaining behaviors.
Even so, data from these nearest neighbor extreme conditions were discriminable at the p < .
The distinct response evoked by a mismatch is confined to those settings in which a discriminable change of an acoustic feature occurs within a few seconds of a previous stimulus (Mantysalo & Naatanen, 1987).
In addition, Irwin argues that these studies are "especially important to know if parapsychological experiences are discriminable from psychopathological experiences" (p.
The visually discriminable, non-relational and non-temporal features of things are in general more complex, and a richer source of information, than the corresponding features directly accessible to the senses of taste and smell.
For example, when the stimuli are more highly discriminable, the generalization gradient tends to have a narrower base and steeper slopes (e.
Further, the sounds used in the studies of Folds and his colleagues were highly discriminable and identifiable nonverbal sounds.
Another possible reason for the relatively weak effect of imageability here is that semantic representations were made as discriminable from each other as possible in order to facilitate learning.
Token reinforcement schedules involve two discriminable periods--the token-production period, where responding produces token deliveries and the token-exchange period, where tokens are exchanged for unconditional "backup" reinforcers (e.