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v. dis·crim·i·nat·ed, dis·crim·i·nat·ing, dis·crim·i·nates
1. To make a clear distinction; distinguish: discriminate among the options available.
2. To make distinctions on the basis of class or category without regard to individual merit, especially to show prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, gender, or a similar social factor: was accused of discriminating against women; discriminated in favor of his cronies.
1. To perceive or notice the distinguishing features of; recognize as distinct: unable to discriminate colors.
2. To make or constitute a distinction in or between: methods that discriminate science from pseudoscience; characteristics that discriminate early stone artifacts from pieces of natural stone.

[Latin discrīmināre, discrīmināt-, from discrīmen, discrīmin-, distinction; see krei- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·crim′i·nate (-nĭt) adj.
dis·crim′i·nate·ly adv.
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Regarding calling attention notice moved by Senator Usman Khan Kakar on the 30 promotional posts of Custom Inspectors lying vacant in the Customs Collectorates of Quetta, Usman Kakar said that people of Baluchistan province were being treated discriminately and they were not given promotions.
The frustrated doctor lamented that the Supreme Court had allowed substandard medical colleges' graduates and quacks to practice in many famous hospitals, ruining the health system of the country, but the foreign medical graduates of reputed medical colleges were treated discriminately.
The] Bureau does not believe in treating any accused discriminately.
The pre poll rigging is a deliberate attempt to tilt level playing field discriminately against or for.
We must not allow the government to treat her citizens differently and discriminately.
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have also demanded setting up of a judicial commission of inquiry to probe the killings of their colleagues in Zaria, while, according to a report, the Army discriminately shot dead as many as 347 Muslims while swooping on the followers of the country's leading Shiite cleric.
The Cosmopolitan Casino discriminately singled out Mr.
It started with an age-old tradition of LGBT bars discriminately carding people at the door, along with a "dress code" that seemed to exclude apparel more culturally relevant to the black and brown communities.
Further women are treated discriminately in the matter of taxation.
While it's still unnecessarily and discriminately harder to get started for some more than others, entrepreneurship is the great equalizer of our time.
I think the worst mistake would be to sell discriminately.
People at the local level face the same political, economic and security conditions as their fellow refugees, even if they do behave discriminately at times and remain stuck in the same conundrum even if they refuse to see refugees as victims of the same political problems.