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tr.v. dis·em·bow·eled, dis·em·bow·el·ing, dis·em·bow·els or dis·em·bow·elled or dis·em·bow·el·ling
1. To remove the entrails from.
2. To deprive of meaning or substance.

dis′em·bow′el·ment n.
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Noun1.disembowelment - the act of removing the bowels or viscera; the act of cutting so as to cause the viscera to protrude
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
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Understanding the Disembowelment of India's Patent Regime, 41 ECON.
Some Islamic State atrocities are comparable to the elaborately gruesome and protracted public executions (drawing and quartering, disembowelment, burning, beheadings, etc.
Residential School is one great example of the disembowelment of a nation on Canadian soil, but unfortunately, it is not seen in its full version in Grammond's book.
What is more difficult to even comprehend is whether Western epistemology, while it has the "eyes to see" the Marikana Massacre, has the epistemological capacity to feel the pain of the three-century-long disembowelment of the black person.
On this view, the two paintings were chosen simply because they represent the two aspects of the next episode, that is the sacrifice (Andromeda) and disembowelment (Prometheus) of Leucippe in 3,15.
This product prevents drowning and disembowelment due to suction drains.
AG In that same symposium, you also said, "The disembowelment of [poetry] was, of course, facilitated by the twentieth-century technologies of the typewriter and computer screen, which kept poetry away from its own center by severing it from its writers' and readers' mouths, ears, and bodies.
The Shogun orders Asano to commit ritual suicide by disembowelment - to avoid bringing shame upon his house, then permits Mika one year to mourn before marrying Kira and uniting the kingdoms.
The sacrificial disembowelment Albion suffers at the hand of the women in the poem is pointedly reproductive.
Dismemberment, disembowelment and evisceration abound and Ayer delights in the aftermath of ritualistic slaughter.
The young girl's plight has refocused the world's attention on India and their gender issues following the brutal rape, disembowelment, and death of a 23-year-old woman in New Delhi late last year.
50 Naas A figure of speech used as a threat of a serious reprisal that may well have had a literal meaning, as it originated in the Middle Ages when disembowelment was used in Britain for torture and execution.