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tr.v. dis·em·bow·eled, dis·em·bow·el·ing, dis·em·bow·els or dis·em·bow·elled or dis·em·bow·el·ling
1. To remove the entrails from.
2. To deprive of meaning or substance.

dis′em·bow′el·ment n.
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Noun1.disembowelment - the act of removing the bowels or viscera; the act of cutting so as to cause the viscera to protrude
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
References in classic literature ?
They viciously snapped, not only at each other's disembowelments, but like flexible bows, bent round, and bit their own; till those entrails seemed swallowed over and over again by the same mouth, to be oppositely voided by the gaping wound.
He stretched his front legs out lazily, long, sleek muscles rippling, and dug his razor-sharp claws into the timber before dragging them back towards him, simultaneously sharpening them further while practising for the disembowelment of his next meal.
Abel Gideon's psychiatrist dying by disembowelment through a ceiling fan connected to an incision in the abdomen.
Some problems, like Judas' death, seem benign: Did Judas die by hanging, disembowelment, suicidal fear of a resurrected roasting chicken, or, according to Papias, from swelling with pus and worms to bursting?
As Simmons (2014) points out, "the in-class disembowelment of a poem's meaning can diminish the personal, even transcendent, experience of reading a poem".
What is more difficult to even comprehend is whether Western epistemology, while it has the "eyes to see" the Marikana Massacre, has the epistemological capacity to feel the pain of the three-century-long disembowelment of the black person.
Some Islamic State atrocities are comparable to the elaborately gruesome and protracted public executions (drawing and quartering, disembowelment, burning, beheadings, etc.
ritual disembowelment, self immolation, the ingestion of glass or nails or bits of rock).
Residential School is one great example of the disembowelment of a nation on Canadian soil, but unfortunately, it is not seen in its full version in Grammond's book.
660, 676 (1962) (citing Wilkerson for the proposition that inherently cruel punishments such as disembowelment are unconstitutional); In re Kemmler, 136 U.
Utah, decided in 1878, the Court determined that drawing and quartering, public dissection, burning alive, and disembowelment all constituted cruel and unusual punishment disallowed by the Eighth Amendment.
Understanding the Disembowelment of India's Patent Regime, 41 ECON.