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tr.v. dis·em·ployed, dis·em·ploy·ing, dis·em·ploys
To cause (someone) to lose employment.

dis′em·ploy′ment n.


a removal from employment
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Stanley of 1,424 estimates of elasticities from minimum wage studies found small disemployment effects overall, but that finding was heavily caveated, with the authors claiming that it probably stems from "publication bias" in favor of the traditional negative results.
In just a few years at such rates--if disemployment were truly permanent --a third of the labor force would be standing on street corners, and the fraction still would be rising.
To increase wages without increasing worker productivity requires the disemployment of workers below that level of productivity.
They include a disemployment effect in their model that varies by worker age, and they account for changes in prices and business profits, all of which have distributional consequences.
The disemployment effects we find are particularly stable across the specifications we estimate on a sample of the least-skilled, least-experienced workers.
Increased competition with other countries forces Japanese firms to relocate their production sites overseas, which results in disemployment in Japan.
Spatial multifariousness determines a false disemployment impact for teen employees.
While minimum wages ostensibly aim to improve the economic well-being of the working poor, the disemployment effects of minimum wages have been found to fall disproportionately on the least skilled and on the most disadvantaged individuals, including the disabled, youth, lower-skilled workers, immigrants, and ethnic minorities.
84) And where, as Julie Suk shows regarding France's highly rigid employment law system, disemployment effects fall especially heavily on already stigmatized and segregated social groups, social equality provides a doubly strong basis to criticize them.
The determination of voter attitudes toward free trade in Latin America is the focus of Baker (2003), which posits an answer to the seeming paradox of the popularity of free trade in countries where it has caused disemployment, economic instability and lower gdp growth.
Cynicism and disemployment are the obverse of the cult value of the technology-based digital fixes that overdetermine the economy by capturing those who are not yet integrated technologically as they wish they were: completely.
Khartoum, April 14 (SUNA) - The Institutionalism and Capacity Building Sector chaired by the Minister of Development of Human Resources, Kamal Abdul Latif reviewed in its meeting which held, Thursday at the Cabinet's Secretariat General the report of the performance of the public Sector's ministries for the year 2010The report included the performance of the ministries of the sector represented in the reform of the public service, training, promotion of education, scientific research, realization of information society and the development of science and technologyThe report also recommended reconsideration of the existing training centers and the coordination between the concerned circles to carry out employment projects for the graduates to curb the disemployment.