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tr.v. dis·em·pow·ered, dis·em·pow·er·ing, dis·em·pow·ers
To deprive of power or influence.

dis′em·pow′er·ment n.


[ˌdɪsɪmˈpaʊərmənt] nperte d'autonomie f
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It was about responding to the disempowerment people who receive public services often feel; the disempowerment people who work in public services often feel.
The reason is not necessarily apathy, but a feeling of disempowerment.
PWR exercises are also focused to engage creatively the women of poor households to deliberate upon the socioeconomic factors and causes of disempowerment and intra households disparities.
The negative side to the bullying and disempowerment is that the institution receives negative feedback from many of its past and present students, and this in turn reflects badly on nursing as a whole.
Canada), has so progressively degenerated over the centuries that today's liberal-democratic conception of democracy can accurately be characterized as the idea of the political disempowerment of the people.
It addresses the cynicism and sense of disempowerment permeating much of our society at this time.
These witnesses will describe to you the depression that they suffered, the loss of confidence that they suffered, the feelings of disempowerment that they experienced as a result of the registrant's conduct.
They examine ways of empowerment and disempowerment through racism, including the policies in Europe against racism, employment policies in the US, tolerance, India's caste society, conflicts in British cities, the impact of the media, secondary ethnicity, violence, legislation, and racism in Singapore, Austria, and South Asia.
The tension between privilege and disempowerment pervades the polarized discourse evoked by public violence.
Seven or eight years ago, sapped by such insidious messages of sparkle-coated disempowerment and the effect they have on the culture of young people in the UK, I would never have believed this possible.
It is important for others around the world to appreciate how deeply many Arab citizens feel this sense of disempowerment, dependency, marginalization, and manipulation and control by others.
Suddenly, the issue becomes less about ageism and more about disempowerment.