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tr.v. dis·en·dowed, dis·en·dow·ing, dis·en·dows
To deprive of financial endowment: disendowed the national church.

dis′en·dow′er n.
dis′en·dow′ment n.
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For the Welsh nationalists among us there is his establishment of Cymru Fydd (Young Wales), his championing of all things Welsh including the language, the drive for Welsh home rule and the disestablishment and disendowment of the Anglican Church in Wales.
Lollardy had its disendowment bill (Selections 135-37).
With their calls for disendowment and for lay access to a translated Bible, and their questioning of fundamental theologies such as transub-stantiation, the Wycliffites, in Hudson's parlance, represented "the English heresy" In Books Under Suspicion, the traditional binary of a proto-Protestant Wycliffite heresy jostling with institutional Orthodoxy is replaced by a much more rich, colorful and complex English theologico-political landscape.
Lollards got caught for challenging eucharistic teaching and calling for disendowment.
Henry V opens with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Ely in close conversation regarding a bill of disendowment that is related to a previous bill the Church barely succeeded in neutralizing.
1) He set forth his theory in his massive 1376 De civili dominio (2) which advocated a controversial reform program calling for total clerical disendowment.
Its official manifesto still declared, "as means for the peaceable attainment of these [its social] objects the Social Democratic Federation advocates: Adult Suffrage, Annual Parliaments, Proportional Representation, Payment of Members and Official Expenses of Elections out of the Rates, Abolition of the House of Lords and Hereditary Authorities, Disestablishment and Disendowment of all State Churches.
the disendowment of blacks obeyed the social and moral rules to
A firm believer in the Anglican faith and general supporter of its official relationship with government, Trollope was nevertheless wary of the one's encroaching on the other's territory and, in the case of Ireland, supported disestablishment and disendowment.
And though Wyclif was surely influenced by Richard FitzRalph, he struck out in a very different direction, advocating a program of ecclesiastical disendowment at the hands of temporal lords, one that would reduce the whole clergy to a state of evangelical poverty approximating the life of Christ and his Apostles--itself a privilege to be embraced.
Firstly, no Welsh bishop has been translated to an English diocese since the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church in Wales in 1920, and no prelate from England has come to Wales as a diocesan.