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tr.v. dis·e·quil·i·brat·ed, dis·e·quil·i·brat·ing, dis·e·quil·i·brates
To upset the equilibrium of (the economy, for example); unbalance.

dis′e·quil′i·bra′tion n.


vb (tr)
to remove equilibrium from
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An ideological explanation for the failure to harness private enterprise to improve performance in a persistently disequilibrated and structurally distorted STE fails for two reasons.
At one point QANG's own intra-psychic domain of male objects became sufficiently stressed and disequilibrated that his un/conscious, hitherto consolidated by his omni-benevolent and protective paternal presence (dead father), yielded to an already present negative object who was waiting for his opportunity.
In a sense their psycho-somatic being becomes so havocked and disequilibrated that it is forced to transform itself out of itself, i.
Doll (1993) reminds us that "not every perturbation leads to redevelopment [reaggregation]; it is quite possible for a disequilibrated situation to lead to the sort of chaos that takes us not to a new and more complex level of order but to the abyss of destruction" (p.
Then, "under certain conditions," plans will be coordinated, and the system will have no internal dynamic causing it to become disequilibrated.
36] Disequilibrated synkinesis can lead to spasmodic or paradoxical motion of the arytenoid and the vocal fold.