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or Dis·es·tab·lish·men·tar·i·an  (dĭs′ĭ-stăb′lĭsh-mən-târ′ē-ən)
An opponent of an established order, especially one who opposes state support of an established church.

dis′es·tab′lish·men·tar′i·an adj.
dis′es·tab′lish·men·tar′i·an·ism n.
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It gave me the chance to use words like disestablishmentarianism but also involved seeing an awful lot of mince.
While it is possible that Howison was Chief Justice Waite's sole published source for his historical background, it is likely that for the specific history of the development of religious freedom in that state, the jurist followed Howison's footnote trail to the work of a Baptist minister and native son who similarly found the inspiration for religious freedom and disestablishmentarianism in Virginia--Robert Semple, whose Virginia Baptists, contained a complete copy of Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance.