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Davis particularly detested the odor of the fashionable pickle, and disgust added to his wrath.
Children stopping before the cage are fascinated, men turn away with an air of disgust, and women linger for a moment, trying per- haps to remember which one of their male acquain- tances the thing in some faint way resembles.
With a look of disgust and chagrined disappointment on his face, Professor Beecher turned to the other scientists and said:
He sat beside her on the couch and behaved very well until the Polish violin-teacher across the hall began to practise, when Prince would growl and sniff the air with disgust.
Pontellier, unable to read his newspaper with any degree of comfort, arose with an expression and an exclamation of disgust.
Heyward prepared to comply, though with strong disgust at the nature of the office he was compelled to execute.
In the irritation and disgust of her walk hither, she had never noticed the situation of the cabin, as it nestled on the slope at the fringe of the woods; in the preoccupation of her disappointment and the mechanical putting away of her things, she had never looked once from the window of her room, or glanced backward out of the door that she had entered.
Had they been strictly held to their one final and romantic object --that final and romantic object, too many would have turned from in disgust.
I wonder what the old man wants with this lump of foul lard, said Stubb, not without some disgust at the thought of having to do with so ignoble a leviathan.
The "pitchfork senator" stood their fusillade of questions for about an hour, and then went home in disgust, and the balance of the meeting was a strictly party affair.
said Tom Loker, who had listened to these stories with ill-repressed disgust,--"shif'less, both on ye
In the desert, spirituous liquors excite only disgust.