dish rack

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: rack - a rack for holding dishes as dishwater drains off of themdish rack - a rack for holding dishes as dishwater drains off of them
rack - framework for holding objects
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As in most Francisco MaNosa and Partners designs, this one bears a neutral color scheme, banig finishes on the walls, cork on the ceiling in the TV room, ceiling fans, the banggerahan or traditional dish rack, and the finials on the roof.
The WaveRack is the combination of a dish rack and dish drying mat all in one.
Junior High, always has one of his sinks filled with soapy water and a dish rack.
Rinsing can be done en masse by arranging items on the dish rack and then spritzing with clean water.
Echoing today's interest in eclectic accessories, Polder Housewares introduces its Spring Dish Rack.
No specialty kits or expensive dish rack replacement necessary.
The saddest word I've heard wrapped around divorce like a tattered blanket is tired, as in we were just both tired, because tired seems so utterly normal to me," he writes, "so much the rug always bunching in that one spot no matter what you do, the slightly worn dish rack, the flashlight in the pantry which has never had batteries and never will, that the thought of tired being both your daily bread and grounds for divorce gives me the willies.
He had already done most of the work, waking up at five in the morning to harvest the ti leaf that was now drying in the dish rack.
Signature Dish RACK OF WELSH LAMB, SERVED WITH CRISPY LAMB BREAST, DAUPHINOISE POTATOES, GREEN VEGETABLES & A ROSEMARY SAUCE Castle View Deganwy Our exciting menu has a great selection of both modern and traditional home-cooked pub food, and we source local produce wherever possible.
Q Where can I find a dish rack that's a little bit different?
They typically provide a passive barrier between the environment and some object prone to degradation, be it a car, a bridge, or a cheap metallic dish rack.
Henckels' Twin Cuisine knives, Screwpull wine accessories, Kitchenart's Elite spice carousel, SimpleHuman's system dish rack, Nespresso D90 coffee machine and the Grindmaster consumer pod-based coffee brewer.