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concave - curving inward
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is is a Chinese black-glazed jar, probably dating from the 12th or 13th century, which is actually quite a late date for a vessel with this sort of dish-shaped mouth.
A third large semi-subterranean building was also unearthed, as was a simple dish-shaped pit structure furnished with a single post-hole that could have supported only a comparatively light roof for its earliest curvilinear earth floor, with a cluster of small stake holes providing evidence of a similarly light super-structure during a later re-occupation of the building.
Males do most of the work in shallow water fanning foot-wide dish-shaped hollows in the bottom.
Instead, the radio telescope is a giant, dish-shaped antenna.
ALMA is a growing collection of high precision, dish-shaped antennas that work together as one large telescope to observe the Universe with groundbreaking detail and sensitivity.
An additional 190 mid-frequency dish-shaped antennas, each about 15 m high will be built.
An odd, dish-shaped leaf hangs above the vine's ring of flowers.
You venture into a recreation of a West African fort, climb some steps in the dark and then peer over a railing to watch a film projected on to a dish-shaped screen below.
Soups: Blotter Soup is filled with rich salt-and-hand-cream-textured colors poured over dish-shaped ink blotters.
The dish-shaped leaves filled with tempting combinations such as ginger chicken with rice and prawns are just 100 calories each.
Watch for mini-environments such as isolated rockpiles and dish-shaped weedy openings slightly deeper than the surrounding timber.
The 27 dish-shaped radio antennae that make up the Very Large Array move on tracks and tilt to pick up the clearest signal coming from the object they're observing.