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There were men and women, the latter clad for the most part in wrappers, the former in all stages of dishabille.
She was dressed, that is to say, in dishabille, wrapped in a long, warm dressing-gown.
Wherever they went, some pattened girl stopped to curtsy, or some footman in dishabille sneaked off.
The bold des Lupeaulx followed the handsome figure, so piquant did she seem to him in her dishabille.
The parent will sometimes roll and spin round before you in such a dishabille, that you cannot, for a few moments, detect what kind of creature it is.
The women, the cheesy behavior, the fundraising excesses, the self-pity, the adolescent narcissism, the impeachment, the charges of racially tinged insults against Obama in 2008, the foundation dishabille -- all that drama has faded to a mellow saxophone riff for many Americans.
To heighten the mood of barely controlled exuberance on this occasion, Rosita Malone and Madeleine Anderson openly breach convent decorum by arriving late to the ceremony, partly dishabille, having spent their afternoon blissfully united in shared scopic gratification, i.
The dudes are taken aback by their initial encounter with their new roommates, Svetlana and Natalya (Jana Kaderabkova and Barbara Nedeljakova), who are in a state of carefree dishabille, changing from one Juicy Couture separate to another.
In Acla, Grimaldi combines heated Caravaggesque chiaroscuro with long, adoring panning shots to present the naked and dishabille bodies of the miners.
It could be a film scene from a sumptuous period drama, stuffed to the rafters with cads, bounders, sweaty jodhpurs and Dame Maggie Smith looking aghast at the scullery maid's state of dishabille.
As she began discreetly but frantically resnapping, Mc Gegan, apparently not noticing, plunged ahead with the music, which Chang played in slight dishabille.