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A loose, long-sleeved garment; a thobe.

[Colloquial Arabic dišdāša.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a white long-sleeved collarless garment worn by Muslim men in the Arabian peninsula
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It has always been an amazing experience to see all our expatriate colleagues dressed in dishdashas, the kuma or massar and the women in bright, colourful dresses sitting down to a traditional Omani feast.
At the workshop we make customised dishdashas and abayas to order, prison and some police uniforms.
Raymond is set to become a supplier of cotton dishdashas.
Traditional Omani items such as jewellery, dishdashas and massars, and khajars, were very low on the list of tourists' purchases.
Two years ago, the area around the lower Sukhumvit road had its 'Arab Quarter' with the occasional shisha cafes and kebab stands, but today the place is crammed with men in white dishdashas and women with abayas who, during the day, have their therapy sessions in the huge Bumrungrad hospital complex, Southeast Asia's largest hub for medical tourism, and on the evening go for a shopping stroll.
My summer in Lebanon in the past would not be complete without seeing the Kuwaitis in their white dishdashas in Bhamdoun al-Mahatta.
There was no doubting the enthusiasm of the locals as a sea of white dishdashas swamped Barzalona, Al Zarooni and, of course, Sheikh Mohammed in scenes reminiscent of the delirious winner's enclosure after Monty's Pass's National.
Spongebob backpack We also took a 20-minute drive into downtown Muscat to visit Muttrah Souk where spices, oils and frankincense hang in the air as stall holders and shopkeepers sell a selection of jewellery and traditional clothing such as dishdashas and embroidered kumahs.
Considerando que mais de 3 milhoes de estrangeiros vivem no Emirado, perfazendo 80% da populacao, e que Dubai esta tentando atrair turistas do mundo todo, surge um questionamento: que tipo de leitura pode ser feita ao se analisar a seducao e tentacao das praias paradisiacas, plenas de turistas de biquinis, e a presenca dos habitantes naturais de Dubai, com as mulheres de burkas, abayas ou chadores, e os homens de dishdashas, longos trajes brancos?
A panel of male judges sit on plastic chairs inside the fenced-off square the size of a football pitch, wearing traditional dishdashas and gutra headdresses held in place by circular braids called igals.
In the region's short, three- to four-month winter the typically white cotton dishdasha is replaced by light wools and cashmere dishdashas, with the season's trend influenced by the Gulf's monarchical rulers.
Everywhere traditional flowing dishdashas are the clothes of choice, and there is not a mall in sight.