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A flat-bottomed basin for washing dishes.


(Cookery) chiefly US and Canadian a large pan for washing dishes, pots, etc



a large pan in which dishes, pots, etc., are washed.
[1870–75, Amer.]


A pan used for washing dishes. Usually the water would be heated in the pan.
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Noun1.dishpan - large pan for washing dishes
pan - shallow container made of metal
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But my joy was short-lived, and my heart sank once again as a moment later I saw a mighty paw insinuated into the opening--a paw as large around as a large dishpan.
But there wan't no romance floating around in dishpans and washtubs, or in factories and hash-joints.
A shallow container for mixing (such as a dishpan, disposable roasting pan etc.
Otherwise, nothing else new, except I'm getting dishpan hands and whenever I call my husband in to open a can or something, he cuts himself, so we've decided it's a good idea for both husbands and wives to stay out of the kitchen.
Housework: Dishpan dermatitis is the most common problem - a skin rash caused by continued exposure to strong chemicals.
When hand washing dishes, have a dishpan for washing and a dishpan for rinsing instead of letting the water run.
Sized to fit inside full sinks, Rubbermaid's new dishpan is suited for washing large-sized items.
In larger estuaries, long wavelike oscillations of the water surface, called seiches, akin to water sloshing in a dishpan, were revealed as an important mode of motion (see Oceanus, Spring 1993).
rails my dear wife, who already has dishpan hands clear to her elbows from processing the suckers.
She was first required to move among three sites in a lab room -- a section of tree stump, a food bin and a plastic dishpan -- and select the correct Arabic symbol for the total number of oranges (1, 2, 3 or 4) placed at the sites.
Kiddie pools and even just a dishpan of cool water are great for cooling hot feet.
With her tarty fur coat, dishpan hands and slap, Frankie is mutton dressed as lamb.