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Divested of bodily nature or form; disembodied: disincarnate spirits.
tr.v. (-nāt′) dis·in·car·nat·ed, dis·in·car·nat·ing, dis·in·car·nates
To divest of bodily nature or form.
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Verb1.disincarnate - make immaterial; remove the real essence of
immaterialise, immaterialize, unsubstantialise, unsubstantialize - render immaterial or incorporeal
incarnate - make concrete and real
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In doing so, painters both fetishize and immortalize the disincarnate subjects on their canvases.
Pinckaers believes, becomes a disincarnate and abstract science that
After receiving a Christmas card from Kurt in 1990 and recording with Dave Grohl in 2003, scoring the work can be likened to a musical dialogue with a familiar disincarnate spirit.
This will help them have a peaceful journey instead of becoming a tortured or energy-draining earthbound disincarnate.
Violence expresses this disincarnate, ethereal freedom.
The phrase "unholy fecundity of things" is an objection to the riot of things because they are pointless; and "unholy" is a disincarnate spirit's sneer at the absurdity of all earthly things.
The characters, therefore, are said to incarnate extreme evil as a disincarnate state, so much so that they are unable to die, to bid farewell to the finite bodies they had consistently disavowed throughout their lives.
The Other is not the incarnation of God, but precisely by his face, in which he is disincarnate, is the manifestation of the height in which God is revealed.
Union with her is a pagan fantasy inasmuch as it is a disincarnate, yet nevertheless sensual, possession.
He has been disincarnate since his death sometime after Jesus was crucified and has been reincarnated now so he will be alive when Jesus, who also has been disincarnate all this time, is reincarnated in 1997 to try again to save humans, who now are on the verge of extinction by a human-caused environmental catastrophe.
Sauron, who had hoped to enhance his "being" and increase his substance through the folly of the Numenoreans, discovers instead that he, too, has been shorn of his being and must flee as a disincarnate spirit to Middle-earth.
Several reasons for this may be suggested, among them a reaction against the gradual "Protestantization" of the Roman Catholic Church or, in the Buddhist case, a reaction against the tendency to make Buddhism disincarnate by presenting it exclusively as a philosophy or as a practice of meditation.