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tr. & intr.v. dis·in·cor·po·rat·ed, dis·in·cor·po·rat·ing, dis·in·cor·po·rates
To remove or become removed from the status of a corporation: After the city was disincorporated, it was reabsorbed into the township. The county legislators allowed the small city to disincorporate.

dis′in·cor′po·ra′tion n.


vb (tr)
obsolete to remove from a corporation or society
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The advantage to conservative state courts is that they will have developed principled state law that repudiates the overly broad Miranda doctrine (or the exclusionary rule for unconstitutional searches and seizures, or whichever procedural requirement appears to be unsupported in state constitutional law), and, if and when the Supreme Court disincorporates the federal rule, they will be able to apply state law that provides narrower, but more appropriate, defendants' rights.
In other words, what if the Court were to disincorporate some of the rotting planks (perhaps overly rigid planks is the better metaphor) of the federal floor?
Thus my conclusion: it is time to disincorporate, to begin the re-examination of those subsidiary guarantees to see if they meet the fundamental-or-essential test.