tr. & intr.v. dis·in·cor·po·rat·ed, dis·in·cor·po·rat·ing, dis·in·cor·po·rates
To remove or become removed from the status of a corporation: After the city was disincorporated, it was reabsorbed into the township. The county legislators allowed the small city to disincorporate.

dis′in·cor′po·ra′tion n.
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36) and that "[t]he channels of political subjectivization are not those of imaginary identifications but those of 'literary' disincorporation," (Ranciere, 2012, p.
extensive procedures for the disincorporation of non-viable
A final dataset of 435 NIMs was utilized in this study after 64 NIMs were excluded due to disincorporation, municipal mergers, missing geographic boundaries, or upward boundary changes (not a true municipal incorporation).
Wildenthal, The Road to Twining: Reassessing the Disincorporation of the Bill of Rights, 61 OHIO ST.
Assuming that disincorporation of the Establishment Clause would accord with plain meaning, logic, and history, what would the consequences be?
With that done, attention will turn to removing the non-weaponized chemical agents from the country for disincorporation, Antiwar.
Observers have begun wondering out loud whether the next logical step will be disincorporation.
The 75th anniversary of disincorporation of the town of Dana will be commemorated in 2013.
Chapters address income tax computation; taxation of trading income; capital allowances on plants and machinery; industrial buildings allowance and other allowances; basis periods; trading losses; property income; employment and self-employment; benefits in kind; national insurance contributions; pensions; capital gains tax; corporation tax; incorporation, disincorporation, and choice business medium; special classes of taxpayers; and partnerships.
Disincorporation is not likely to happen, but it is far from a crazy idea.
Amid discussions of belt tightening and even talk of disincorporation, the trustees began negotiations that led to an agreement to allow the Freeholders to manage municipal affairs in a partnership with city officials and the Santa Catalina Island Company.