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tr.v. dis·in·formed, dis·in·form·ing, dis·in·forms
To give disinformation to.

[Back-formation from disinformation.]

dis′in·form′er, dis′in·form′ant n.


vb (tr)
to deliberately supply false information to
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Even if the media and the schools were not faithfully disinforming the people, the fact would remain that nothing in our history inclines us to understand so alien a threat.
Speaking on the occasion, Haq Nawaz Akhtar, ex-chairman, Pakistan Steel Mills said that media was supposed to give correct information while it has been disinforming the nation and instead of educating the people it has been showing distorted aspects of historical facts.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, tobacco companies made a killing (literally) by following this principle--and by doing not a little bit of deluding, misguiding, and disinforming of their own.
What is to be our response to this bloodless coup by our chief executives, who have presumed to execute war with all the resources of our country, disinforming us of the true causes and reasons?
For a long time, the tobacco industry enjoyed considerable success in disinforming the public about the dangers of smoking.
Carter and company have a way of disinforming both casual viewers and ardent investigators.
Literature crafted by a dominating culture can be an insidious political force, disinforming people who might otherwise develop a clearer understanding of the struggles for survival faced by an indigenous population.