tr.v. dis·in·vit·ed, dis·in·vit·ing, dis·in·vites
To rescind an invitation to: disinvited our friends for dinner because of an emergency.

dis·in·vi·ta′tion (-vĭ-tā′shən) n.


vb (tr)
obsolete to retract an invitation to


(ˌdɪs ɪnˈvaɪt)
v.t. -vit•ed, vit•ing.
to revoke an invitation to (someone).
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Ahmad refused to disinvite the Iranian ambassador, so Saudi diplomats suggested having Suliman Aba al-Khail, a Saudi academic with a position in the university's administration, convene a board meeting and "choose a president for the university who is consistent with our orientation," one cable reported.
In April, CAIR called on Republican Party leaders to disinvite Wilders from two speaking events in Washington, D.
Was is unfair and not uniform to disinvite candidate Colin Farnsworth because his opponent, Mary Walston, chose not to attend?
In the open letter, Mr Spedding goes on to say: "We hope that organisers will disinvite Mr Galloway, or if too late for a disinvitation, then at the very least con sider not giving him a platform.
Boone was within her rights to disinvite the media and the public.
France's decision not to disinvite Putin over the Ukraine crisis irked Harper, who told reporters he planned to ignore the Russian bully-boy.
This year, left-wing students forced the president of Brandeis University to disinvite Ayaan Hirsi Ah, the brave critic of the deprivation of women's rights by Islamic extremists, over her criticism of Islam; Smith College announced that International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde withdrew as the school's 2014 commencement speaker due to faculty and student protests over the IMF's policies; Haverford College, an institution founded by tolerant Quakers, prevented Robert J.
And that is why he expressed his disappointment at Iran's decision and took his decision to disinvite them," the spokesman added.
And if Hollywood accuses Frances of being style over substance one more time I'll disinvite him to the end-of-series party we're holding in a marquee that she fashioned entirely out of marzipan and brandy snap sticks.
Gloria Thomas, the Center's director, issued a statement claiming that donor pressure had nothing to do with the decision to disinvite Walker and affirmed the University's commitment to academic freedom.
This month Morsi received Bashir in Cairo despite calls by local and international rights groups to either disinvite or arrest the Sudanese leader on the basis of the ICC warrant.
So we were presented with a clearly defining moment for the Women's Leadership Summit--do we disinvite Jane and submit to intimidation, or do we argue for the right to freedom of speech, to open public discourse, the liberty to elect who we see and who we do not see and the right to select the path of forgiveness and reconciliation?