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v. dis·joined, dis·join·ing, dis·joins
To undo the joining of; separate.
To become separated.

[Middle English disjoinen, from Old French desjoindre, from Latin disiungere : dis-, dis- + iungere, to join; see join.]
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Adj.1.disjoined - have the connection undone; having become separate
unconnected - not joined or linked together
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After this cataract the Nile again collects its scattered stream among the rocks, which seem to be disjoined in this place only to afford it a passage.
When he was introduced he understood why, for Miss Honeychurch, disjoined from her music stool, was only a young lady with a quantity of dark hair and a very pretty, pale, undeveloped face.
These cases of relationship, without identity, of the inhabitants of seas now disjoined, and likewise of the past and present inhabitants of the temperate lands of North America and Europe, are inexplicable on the theory of creation.
One point Morgan will be stressing this week is the need for patience after watching a disjoined 15-minute patch midway through the second half at Cinderford after Cov had opened up a 31-13 lead.
Music comes from DJ and turntablist Mariam Rezaei, giving a genuinely clubby feel to the nightclub scenes and a scratchy, disjoined backdrop to some of the and a scratchy, disjoined backdrop to some of the edgier exchanges.
The association joined the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA) based in England in 1977, but disjoined again in 1983.
Africare: Black American Philanthropy in Africa tells of a US-based non-profit organization specializing in development aid for Africa, and studies the leadership affecting Africare, which sought to become a leading voice on African concerns in this country--something often disjoined.
Bourne, credited as director on this one alongside choreographer Scott Ambler, shifts the action from the original desert island to a deserted theatre disjoined by an unspecified urban upheaval.
Perhaps Sunderland's disjoined display should not have come as such a surprise because this was a scratch side made up of fringe players.
While a 'relaxed' and natural look is great though, do remind them that these items, in particular dried chillies, should be placed either on their own or in pairs in even spacings around the wreath to create uniformity and style, or you''ll end up with a mish-mash of garden ephemera which will look disjoined and messy.
Jim Pakulis, Chief Executive Officer of SearchCore commented, "Our entry into the towable RV industry represents our latest opportunity to apply our technology-based solutions to attractive, yet disjoined niche markets that can benefit from our solutions.
Palestinian news stories are often disconnected, disjoined news items with seemingly no relation to other news items.