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1. Separated at the joints.
2. Out of joint; dislocated.
3. Lacking order or coherence: disjointed sentences.

dis·joint′ed·ly adv.
dis·joint′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.disjointedness - lacking order or coherence
incoherence, incoherency - lack of cohesion or clarity or organization


(= incoherence)Zusammenhanglosigkeit f
(= disunity, of society) → Zerrissenheit f; (of team)Uneinigkeit f
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22] he soon sees that no matter how extremely well versed these experts are in Western terminology, their responses exhibit a disjointedness that seems almost creepy, like the artificial liveliness of marionettes (Pieper, "Tradition," 64).
These correspondences may stand for equivalence, subsumption, or disjointedness, between ontology entities.
Second, Linn only makes cursory mention of the logistical challenges presented by the terrain and the disjointedness of the theaters of operation.
Getting the right balance between resting bodies without risking disjointedness is tough but here he got it right.
Martinez suggested afterwards that anxiety was to blame for the first-half disjointedness, and that pressure to achieve something this term could explain why.
Many scenes are left incomplete and devoid of humour in the absence of Will's lines, and the overall effect is one of extreme disjointedness.
He said: "What I want is the squad players to come in and do better but there was a bit of disjointedness about the performance.
This left an inevitable sense of disjointedness among the various chapters that, unfortunately, the introduction by Kiichiro Yagi, with an autonomous discussion of yet another economist, F.
It's difficult to enumerate the particular qualities that draw Morelli's ear, but he tends to zero in on the sort of jams that are somehow infectious in their dissonance, rhythmic in their disjointedness, textural in their particular brand of low fidelity.
When viewed as critical elements of contrasting community Discourses, the disjointedness and antipathies between educational practitioners and researchers take on considerable importance.
In addition to addressing the disjointedness of the book, additional editing could remove the imbalance that results from the inconsistent length of articles and chapters.
If you're sensing some disjointedness on the part of the opposition, Elgindy said, that's probably because they are disjointed.