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Showing or characterized by a lack of loyalty; not loyal. See Synonyms at faithless.

[Late Middle English, from Old French desloial : des-, dis- + loial, loyal; see loyal.]

dis·loy′al·ist n.
dis·loy′al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.disloyally - without loyalty; in a disloyal manner; "his men acted disloyally and betrayed him in the end"
loyally - with loyalty; in a loyal manner; "government will not be efficient unless the people as a whole accept leadership loyally and enthusiastically"
بِغَيْرِ إخْلاص


[ˈdɪsˈlɔɪlɪ] advslealmente


(disˈloiəl) adjective
unfaithful or not loyal. He has been very disloyal to his friends.
disˈloyally adverb
disˈloyalty noun
References in classic literature ?
That poor boy who is dying of love for La Valliere, whom my brother so disloyally bereft him of?
Yet those Ae-willing to play, could make a grand or more, by joining a hidden tribe of bank tarts - people across the nation who disloyally move from bank to bank to grab their free money.
Yet those willing to play could make a grand or more by joining a hidden tribe of bank tarts - people across the nation who disloyally move from bank to bank to grab their free money.
I was given support in the form of weekly meetings and phone calls, and it was a comfort to know that someone actively cared about my diet, long after family and friends had, rather disloyally, lost interest.
But in my view, it is the Chief Justice who acted disloyally, who was a Judas to our country.
Jardeleza, during the House justice panel hearing on the impeachment complaint against Sereno on Monday, accused the chief justice of "acting disloyally.
Whatever you want to call it, people like to experiment broadly and disloyally across brands and categories.
It will not be so easy to prove that what we say is not true, or that it is disloyally said, or with a heart not as devoted to the Church as that of the sovereign of Rome himself.
This scene suggests that Jews disloyally conspire to acquire power at the expense of the rest of society.
148) Similarly, there will also be instances in which companies have financial or other incentives to betray or act disloyally with respect to the privacy of their users or other people.
The other elements that Justice Belobaba considered included the principles that: (i) trustees cannot owe duties to an unknown class of persons; (ii) the power of fiduciaries "must affect the legal or substantial practical interests of the beneficiary;" (iii) "trustees cannot owe fiduciary duties to both the REIT and to the unitholders because such duties may conflict;" and (iv) the breach of fiduciary duty against certain of the trustees had no chance of success because there was no allegation that these trustees acted disloyally, dishonestly or in pursuit of their own self-interest (ibid).
acted disloyally, in bad faith or in furtherance of self-interest.