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Showing or characterized by a lack of loyalty; not loyal. See Synonyms at faithless.

[Late Middle English, from Old French desloial : des-, dis- + loial, loyal; see loyal.]

dis·loy′al·ist n.
dis·loy′al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.disloyally - without loyalty; in a disloyal manner; "his men acted disloyally and betrayed him in the end"
loyally - with loyalty; in a loyal manner; "government will not be efficient unless the people as a whole accept leadership loyally and enthusiastically"
بِغَيْرِ إخْلاص


[ˈdɪsˈlɔɪlɪ] advslealmente


(disˈloiəl) adjective
unfaithful or not loyal. He has been very disloyal to his friends.
disˈloyally adverb
disˈloyalty noun
References in classic literature ?
That poor boy who is dying of love for La Valliere, whom my brother so disloyally bereft him of?
In a brilliant choice, More adds: "Over and above these, He was tormented by the thought of His disciples terror, the loss of the Jews, even the destruction of the very man who so disloyally betrayed him, and finally the ineffable grief of his mother" (47/1-48/3).
For those like my first questioner, lucky enough to have a lump sum to save, the only route is to become a pick 'n mix savings expert - chunking what you've got where it pays best and disloyally moving your money again and again for the best buys.
Such assumption would require that the existing shareholders and the Board of Directors accepted that the management acted disloyally towards them and did not meet its contractual obligation.
Asked whether he had behaved disloyally by not telling Mr Clegg the secret polls were being carried out, he replied: "There was no disloyalty whatever.
The plaintiffs alleged that the four independent directors on the Answers board had been influenced by the other three directors to act disloyally or in bad faith.
So check now when things end, and put a large red note in your diary a month before the crucial time (or in bold in a web calendar), so you've time to disloyally tart to a new cheaper provider.
Even my four-year-old son disloyally announced that he found them "pretty".
discharged the employees responsible for the letter for disloyally disparaging the paper.
Though the ministry states that all actions taken against NGOs are for the sake national security, CSOs believe that ministry rhetoric alienates them from society and treats CSOs as if they were acting disloyally.
13) The explanation for society's distaste is that many informants are judged by society, or some portion thereof, to have acted disloyally by assisting police, (14) and the words used to convey society's scorn for informants--"snitch," (15) "rat," (16) "stool pigeon," (17)--confirm as much.
suspect ex ante that a fiduciary would behave so disloyally, we would