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n. pl. dis·loy·al·ties
1. The quality of being disloyal; faithlessness.
2. A disloyal act.


n, pl -ties
the condition or an instance of being unfaithful or disloyal


(dɪsˈlɔɪ əl ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the quality of being disloyal; lack of loyalty; unfaithfulness.
2. violation of allegiance or duty, as to a government.
3. a disloyal act.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French]




  1. Always at her side like a Great Dane —Carlos Baker
  2. As the rolling stone gathers no moss, so the roving heart gathers no affection —Anna Jameson
  3. Devoted and caretaking as a cat with her kittens —Katherine Anne Porter
  4. (In the end, people’s) devotion hung like rocks around your neck —Alice Munro

    See Also: CLINGING

  5. Endless devotion … like a straitjacket —Lynne Sharon Schwartz
  6. Faithful (to each other) as the Canada goose, more or less —Laurie Colwin
  7. Fickle as spring sunlight —Carolyn Kizer
  8. A heart true as steel —William Shakespeare

    Shakespeare gave this comparison from Midsummer Night’s Dream a slight twist in Romeo and Juliet: “My man’s as true as steel.”

  9. Like a woman in her first love affair, he insisted on unconditional commitment —Ariel Dorfman
  10. Loyal, like a dog —Lynne Sharon Schwartz
  11. Loyalty … small and hard, like buckshot lodged in her stomach —Sarah Litsey
  12. To say that you can love one person all your life is just like saying that one candle will continue burning as long as you live —Leo Tolstoy
  13. True to her husband as the dial to the sun —Henry Fielding
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Noun1.disloyalty - the quality of being disloyal
infidelity, unfaithfulness - the quality of being unfaithful
disaffection - disloyalty to the government or to established authority; "the widespread disaffection of the troops"
subversiveness, traitorousness, treason - disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior
perfidiousness, perfidy, treachery - betrayal of a trust
loyalty, trueness - the quality of being loyal


noun treachery, infidelity, breach of trust, double-dealing, falsity, perfidy, unfaithfulness, falseness, betrayal of trust, inconstancy, deceitfulness, breaking of faith, Punic faith Charges of disloyalty had already been made against them.


عَدَم الإخْلاص، خِيانَه
ótryggî, sviksemi


[ˈdɪsˈlɔɪəltɪ] Ndeslealtad f (to con)


[ˌdɪsˈlɔɪəlti] ndéloyauté f


nIlloyalität f(to gegenüber)


[ˈdɪsˈlɔɪltɪ] nslealtà


(disˈloiəl) adjective
unfaithful or not loyal. He has been very disloyal to his friends.
disˈloyally adverb
disˈloyalty noun
References in classic literature ?
It was a senseless remark, but with a queer feeling of disloyalty Margaret rose from her chair.
And then he condemned the fear as a disloyalty, and broke the seal.
The haste with which these measures were carried into execution did not admit of those preparations for their comfort, which, if unmerited by their disloyalty, were at least due in pity to the severity of their punishment.
With this idea in view she opened negotiations with the two sailors she had imprisoned in the forecastle, and having forced their consent to her plans, upon pain of death should they attempt disloyalty, she released them just as darkness closed about the ship.
It seems like disloyalty to Matthew, somehow, to find pleasure in these things now that he has gone," she said wistfully to Mrs.
The follies and disloyalty committed in his youth were to be expiated by a long and painful penance, ere he could be restored to the full enjoyment of the confidence of his ancient people; and without confidence there could be no authority in an Indian tribe.
I didn't know then her shrinking from all falsehood and evasion; her dread of insincerity and disloyalty of every kind.
His regret was for his baseless disloyalty to one who had saved the lives of every member of his party, and offered harm to none.
she said quietly, "the Heliumite knows less of disloyalty than he knows of fear, and of fear he is as ignorant as the unhatched young.
Without any sense of disloyalty to Terence and Rachel he ceased to think about either of them.
The vision of that sweet and innocent face floated before me amidst the soft mists of imagination, and where I had on the second believed that I clung only to the memory of a gentle friendship I had lost, yet now it seemed that it would have been disloyalty to her to have said that I did not want Dian the Beautiful as my mate.
Do it by all means, my dear doctor," and there was a touch of the old, friendly, sane tone which had been so long missing, that almost caused von Horn to feel a trace of compunction for the hideous act of disloyalty that he was on the verge of perpetrating.