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tr.v. dis·man·tled, dis·man·tling, dis·man·tles
a. To take apart; disassemble; tear down.
b. To put an end to in a gradual systematic way: dismantling the cumbersome regulations for interstate trucking.
2. To strip of furnishings or equipment: dismantled the house before knocking it down.
3. To strip of covering or clothing.

[Obsolete French desmanteler, to raze fortifications round a town, from Old French : des-, dis- + (em)manteler, to cover with a coat, shelter (ultimately from mantel, cloak; see mantle).]

dis·man′tle·ment n.


1. the act of causing an organization or system to stop functioning by gradually reducing its power or purpose
2. the act or process of separating a machine or structure into its separate parts
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Noun1.dismantling - the act of taking something apart (as a piece of machinery); "Russia and the United States discussed the dismantling of their nuclear weapons"
activity - any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
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I hope what you have to tell me is worth the trouble, or else, I warn you, I will not pardon you for making me come here instead of getting a little rest after a night spent in taking and dismantling a bastion.
Part 2: Dismantling, preparing for transportation, transportation, installation and commissioning 3 cameras tracer systems of production monochromatorami Hamamatsu.
Detective Robert Graybill, in charge of CECATS, the Valley's auto theft prevention unit, said turning over his function to a unit downtown could send auto crime soaring in the Valley, which has nearly half the city's dismantling yards.
The challenge lies in balancing ease of dismantling and recycling with basic vehicle functionality and driver and passenger safety, Mathews says.
In April 2004, then environment minister Elliot Morley said dismantling in Hartlepool was "the best environmental option".
The North could become a centre for toxic ships after the Government said the country was ripe for dismantling unwanted vessels from across the globe.
Upon completion of the data gathering, each site receives a Technical Summary Report that summarizes all the collected data during the monitoring period, all the raw data collected, and photos of the installation and dismantling of the anemometer and tower.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Baghdad Operations Command announced the killing of 50 and wounding 18 terrorists, destruction of their hideouts, dismantling a number of improvised explosive devices in different areas of Baghdad as well.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Baghdad Operations Command announced the deaths of six terrorists and dismantling explosive devices and destroying nests of terrorists in different parts of Baghdad.
In 2013 a total of 576 Chinese enterprises obtained auto dismantling and recycling qualification, up 10.
The White House tries to portray it as basically a dismantling of Iran's nuclear program," Zarif said several times, starting with an inter view with CNN in Switzerland last week.
Dismantling has just begun on the 72-megawatt Shippingport Atomic Power Station outside Pittsburgh--the first commercial U.