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Noun1.disownment - refusal to acknowledge as one's own
renunciation, repudiation - rejecting or disowning or disclaiming as invalid; "Congressional repudiation of the treaty that the President had negotiated"
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Significantly, if he chose political activism he risked disownment from the religious community of his father and his Welsh ancestors.
Because discussion of HIV prevention between YMSM and parents can result in outing, embarrassment, violence, and disownment, this makes receiving information concerning HIV at home particularly difficult.
The contributors' critical examination of war, citizenship, settler colonialism, military occupation, displacement, disownment, and other modes of violence is forging new paths of sharing and challenging the embedded normalization of geographies of pain and suffering.
Speakers at the conference included Polly Harrar, founder of the Sharan Project which supports ran Project which supports women who have left home because of disownment, honour ownment, honour violence, rape, forced marriage and other cultural conicts.
Lore has not yet explicitly told his family, for fear of disownment.
The Quaker religion required members to marry within the faith or they would face disownment.
Resting on a good amount of research, this book details the history of the Philadelphia Quakers in combating slavery, beginning with a 1758 epistle issued by the Friends of America that advocated the disownment of Friends who were still involved with the importation, selling, or purchasing of slaves.
Yet others disapprove of the remove person-first language creates between the human and this fundamental element of identity and of the concomitant implication of disownment or marginalization.
Inter-kasta marriage is traditionally expensive for a man marrying a woman from a higher rank and is detrimental for a woman's status because the act results in her disownment (dibuang) by her family for marrying into a lower kasta.