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1. Not essential; unimportant: dispensable items of personal property.
2. Capable of being dispensed, administered, or distributed: dispensable drugs.
3. Subject to dispensation, as a vow or church law.

dis·pens′a·bil′i·ty, dis·pens′a·ble·ness n.
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Noun1.dispensability - the quality possessed by something that you can get along without
inessentiality - not of basic importance
indispensability, indispensableness, vitalness - the quality possessed by something that you cannot possibly do without


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He makes a case for (b), the dispensability of the concept of knowledge, mainly on two grounds: first, to construct a logic suitable for the interrogative model only requires an epistemic operator corresponding to a wide notion of information (this notion is elucidated in Chapter 8) rather than an operator that captures the sense of 'knowledge' philosophers have struggled to define; second, "the question as to whether a conclusion of inquiry has been justified strongly enough for it to qualify as knowledge" (p.
Hurst, "Metabolic Network Analysis of the Causes and Evolution of Enzyme Dispensability in Yeast," Nature 429, 661-664 (2004).
Contributors also cover basic evolutionary systems biology, the origin of new genes, lateral gene transfer, the evolution of genomic expression, the evolution of proteome complexity and diversity, genomic redundancy and dispensability, genome defense, sex-biased genomic expression, sex chromosome origins and evolution, molecular signatures of adaptive evolution, gene networks and natural selection, and human evolutionary genomics.
Effects of Aging on Arterial Dispensability in Populations with High and Low Prevalence of Hypertension: Comparison Between Urban and Rural Communities in China.
Gattorna, 1998), may not have been institutionalized to the degree that the importance of customers and the dispensability of employees have, leaving more room for the effects of our shareholder value and reciprocity manipulations.
The gist of the chapter is that physicians have no obligation to continue the lives of persons who had been "seized by their particular process of dying," and that a physician should "make room for the dispensability of extraordinary life-sustaining treatments because he as a man acknowledges that there may be sufficient moral and human reasons for this decision" (my italics).
Against such a toxin, it may be difficult to evolve to a resistant state, based either on lack of uptake or on dispensability of intracellular targets.
As a thixotropic material, DA-6534 offers good dispensability, and its bondline thickness (BLT) can be controlled through pressure and time.
14) The issue of dispensability now confronts SOF as one US military official asks rhetorically: "We have always had very capable, experienced, well-trained soldiers.
Constraints on/loss of illocutionary elements > constraints on/ loss of mood/modal elements > constraints on/loss of tense and aspect > dispensability of complements > loss of personal conjugation/conversion of subject into oblique > no polarity > conversion of verbal into nominal government > dispensability of subject/constraints on complements
Properties such as storage conditions, pot life, dispensability, underfill flow speed and cure time are paramount to handling and processing.
Professional Disposables International (PDI) has introduced Sani-Cloth[R] extra-large Germicidal Disposable Wipes that provide enhanced surface coverage, easier dispensability, and increased counts in every canister.