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tr.v. dis·peo·pled, dis·peo·pling, dis·peo·ples
To depopulate.


vb (tr)
1. (Sociology) to remove the inhabitants from
2. obsolete to exterminate


(dɪsˈpi pəl)

v.t. -pled, -pling.
to depopulate.
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If to plead the cause of the oppressed, If sincerely to aime at his Majesties Honour and the Publick good without any reservation or by Interest, If to stand in the Gap after soe much blood of our dear Brethren bought and sold, If after the losse of a great part of his Majesties Colony deserted and dispeopled, freely with our lives and estates to indeavour to save the remaynders bee Treason God Almighty Judge and lett guilty dye.
What mattered to me in my dispeopled kingdom, that in regard to which the disposition of my carcass was the merest and most futile of accidents, was supineness in the mind, the dulling of the self and of that residue of execrable frippery known as the non-self and even the world, for short.
This kingdom is reduced to the last extremities; oppressed by taxes, starved by the decay of trade, and dispeopled, as well by the frequent draughts of recruits, as by the pestilence" (2:400).