dispersed phase

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Noun1.dispersed phase - (of colloids) a substance in the colloidal state
phase, form - (physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system; matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary; "the reaction occurs in the liquid phase of the system"
colloid - a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension
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Compatibilization by the addition of third component can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the blend by reducing the dispersed phase domain size and by enhancing phase adhesion (15), (18-21).
excess] and the particle size of dispersed phase can be obtained in Fig.
Figure 8 shows Cole-Cole plot for pure PP, PP/HDPE, and PP/EPDM blends at 200[degrees]C It should be noted that the relaxation process of the dispersed phase in the PP/HDPE blends becomes more obvious than that in the PP/EPDM blends.
CXL showed a matrix/core-shell dispersed phase morphology with widely varying droplet size, resulting in a dispersed morphology that, in some parts of the blend, approached a bicontinuous/dispersed phase morphology due to the coalescence of the small droplets.
In these images, according to the rough morphological feature of pure PS (not shown here), we can easily distinguish the smooth and/or void regions as the dispersed phase of SEBS-MA and the continuous rough region as the matrix PS phase.
Because of the presence of these copolymers, the coalescence rate decreases since they immobilize the interface, reducing the final particle sizes of the dispersed phase.
The latter essentially follows the evolution of the dispersed phase domain size of the polymer blend as a function of the copolymer concentration.
Folic acid 5mg tablet,human albumin 25% bottle,silver amalgam alloy dispersed phase capsule,aminophylline 250 mg / 10 ml,bupivacaine hydrochloride s / p s / epi blister 10 ml etc.
The two principle conflicting mechanisms responsible for governing the size of the dispersed phase are droplets coalescence and break-up.
Key statement: A thermoplastic elastomer composition having a continuous phase and a dispersed phase, wherein the continuous phase comprising an epoxy-modified polyamide resin and the dispersed phase comprising a halogenated isoolefin-paraalkylstyrene copolymer rubber, wherein the thermoplastic elastomer composition is obtained by melt-kneading halogenated isoolefm-paraalkylstyrene copolymer rubber, a polyamide resin, and a polyfiinctionai epoxy compound having two or more epoxy groups per molecule in an amount of 0.
In addition, research at Ryerson has involved examining microemulsions and using these clear, transparent liquids with a dispersed phase in the nanometer scale to carry bioactive ingredients.
The oil-based liquid employed in the sorption testing was kerosene oil "Dragon" (produced by "Zaklad Chemii Budowlanej" in Kampinos, Poland) and its emulsions with various concentrations of dispersed phase.