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v. dis·persed, dis·pers·ing, dis·pers·es
a. To drive off or scatter in different directions: The police dispersed the crowd. See Synonyms at scatter.
b. To strew or distribute widely: The airplane dispersed the leaflets over the city.
2. To cause to attenuate and disappear: The sun dispersed the fog.
a. To separate (light) into spectral rays.
b. To distribute (particles) evenly throughout a medium.
1. To separate and move in different directions; scatter: The crowd dispersed once the concert ended.
2. To attenuate and vanish; dissipate: The storm clouds had dispersed by noon.

[Middle English dispersen, from Old French disperser, from Latin dispergere, dispers-, to disperse : dis-, apart; see dis- + spargere, to scatter.]

dis·pers′ed·ly (-spûr′sĭd-lē) adv.
dis·pers′er n.
dis·pers′i·ble adj.
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The CM-100 Laboratory Disperser is a direct drive, stand-mounted unit equipped with a 1 HP motor capable of 16,000 RPM shaft speed.
Pictured is a 600-gallon mix vessel designed for full vacuum and equipped with a 20" diameter disperser blade that is raised/lowered by means of an air/oil hydraulic lift.
La patrouille a riposte par des tirs de sommations pour disperser la foule.
Summary: L'arme nigeriane a utilise des vehicules blindes pour disperser hier lundi a Lagos des manifestants insatisfaits d'une premiere concession du president Goodluck Jonathan pour faire cesser la greve generale.
The disperser also includes fixed connections for charging of raw materials direct from bulk solids transfer systems.
The units include conventional disk type high speed disperser, three wing anchor with TFE scrapers to clean the side-walls of the vessel, gas purged shaft seals, a 50 psi jacketed dished bottom vessel to permit heating cooling during processing and independently variable speeds.
Three agitation systems are available: a Three Wing Anchor, a High Speed Disperser and a High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixer that is suited for manufacturing dispersions and emulsions with viscosities up to 1,000,000 centipoise.
The PowerMix features a saw-tooth disperser blade and a planetary stirrer which both revolve around the vessel while turning on their own axes of rotation at independently-controlled speeds.
beaucoup moins que]L'agent de police Lotfi Ezzar est mort des suites de ses blessures apres avoir recu des jets de pierres sur la poitrine lors d'une operation visant a disperser un groupe de manifestants qui saccageaient des locaux commerciaux a Bab Al-Jazira a Tunis[beaucoup plus grand que], lit-on dans un communique du ministere.
Summary: Une douzaine de personnes ont ete blessees vendredi en Egypte lors de l'intervention de la police militaire pour disperser une manifestation organisee dans le but d'exiger le demenagement d'un site nucleaire.
Company's high viscosity disperser is designed to mix and blend high viscosity non-flowing materials, typically too viscous for a conventional disperser.
The unit comes complete with immersion mill head, an interchangeable high speed disperser shaft and blade assembly and one process vessel.