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Noun1.dispiritedness - a feeling of low spirits; "he felt responsible for her lowness of spirits"
sadness, unhappiness - emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being
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He added: "One of the challenges we face is there is a certain level of dispiritedness in the membership.
The repetitive "cosi" then becomes an excessive description of the inanimate stone, suggesting a compulsive drive towards death, or towards a language that can express death, which culminates with the total dispiritedness of lines seven and eight.
That jamboree had sent out such a demeaning message of state capitulation that it transported the extremists into such a rapturous ecstasy of arrogance and haughtiness and the state security forces into such a depressing predicament of dispiritedness and demoralisation that it would not be any easy for it to evaporate any time soon.
Milliyet's Hasan Cemal thinks that the suicide bombing on Wednesday will make the opposition groups stronger; those who hadn't yet picked a side will take a side more swiftly; and an atmosphere of dispiritedness and panic will pervade the Assad camp; in brief, Assad has no future as leader any more.
They became susceptible to the feelings of dispiritedness, loneliness, distress, and helplessness when left to seek potential solutions on their own without assistance from teachers or fellow students.
7) asakng keding: the SEIC is small; dispiritedness, timidness; disloyalty; unfaithfulness, e.
His dissertation research focused on the creation of the Unitary Field Pattern Portrait research methodology and he used the method to create a unitary field pattern portrait of dispiritedness in later life.
In fact, young parents' dispiritedness grew with each child they had.
When officers fail to comprehend the inherent spiritual nature of their mission, they face a resulting void that can create a contradiction of meaning and manifest as corruption, illness, dispiritedness, and similar maladies, all capable of inflicting debilitating wounds.
As a joint-loyalist, I can certainly attest to the affect of dispiritedness and stuckness that often attends working with the methods and principles of FST.
What makes us leap so speedily, so quantumly, from symptoms of dispiritedness, dejection, dullness of things around us--in short, plain gloom--to DSM-IV-TR clinically diagnosed 'depression'?
He indicates no sense of disappointment or dispiritedness.