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tr.v. dis·placed, dis·plac·ing, dis·plac·es
a. To move, shift, or force from the usual place or position: Wasn't the net displaced before the puck went in?
b. To force to leave a place of residence: The conflict displaced thousands of people.
2. To move or shift from the usual place or position, especially to force to leave a homeland or other place of residence: millions of refugees who were displaced by the war.
3. Chemistry To replace (an atom, radical, ion, or molecule) in a compound during a reaction.
4. Physics To push aside and occupy the physical space of (a volume of fluid): a boat that displaces 1,000 cubic meters of water.
5. To take the place of; supplant: when coal displaced wood as the dominant energy source.
6. To discharge from a job, office, or position.

dis·place′a·ble adj.
dis·plac′er n.
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These in vitro analyses evaluated the potential for perampanel to act as a displacer and the displacement of perampanel by other commonly used anti-epileptic drugs (phenytoin or valproate) or a highly bound reference drug (warfarin).
Tenders are invited for Displacer Type Level Troll Head Assembly
In most cases, the situation places one of the child's parents as the illegal displacer or detainer of the child, but we consider that we should examine the conditions in which this movement changes from an absolutely normal one, as in the exercise of a right and obligation that parents have towards their children to an abusive, unlawful one.
Particular areas of expertise are in Magnetic Level Gauging, Guided Wave Radar, Magnetostrictive and Displacer level applications, chamber design and construction, and level switches.
The displaced image in him is gradually being unhooded; this time, it is not by the agency of the displacer, Zilayefa, but by the displaced himself.
There are several types of thermo rolls and the most common are centre bore rolls, displacer type rolls, and peripherally drilled rolls.
The salon itself is a nod to "green living" with its use of CFL lighting, Energy Star-rated appliances, eco-friendly cleaning products, aerated faucets, a water displacer in the toilet, live plants, minimal VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in furniture and wall paints, and a carbon-filtered air purification system.
Continuous level measurement has traditionally been achieved using a displacer method, however, there have always been inherent disadvantages to this due to accuracy of the operating Specific Gravity (SG), calibration and set up and on-going maintenance of moving parts.
Ultrasonic, capacitance, pressure, conductance, float and displacer, and sounding reel types.
The Beta and Gamma type Stirling engines use a displacer piston to move the working gas back and forth between hot and cold heat exchangers in the same cylinder (Wikipedia, 2008).
The heat transfer fluid is helium at 10 bar and flow is controlled by a displacer.
After a 15-min incubation, the unbound proteins were eluted with 10 mL of equilibrium buffer, and the captured proteins were released with 12 mL of a specific displacer solution (20 mmol/L Tris, 0.