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display′ type`

type larger than body type, used in headings, advertisements, etc.
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In an elegantly minimal design with lowercase light-gray display type, DIANE ARBUS: IN THE BEGINNING (Metropolitan Museum of Art, $50) shows us where she traveled artistically during the next seven years, shooting 35mm film before acquiring the Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera with which she took the iconic square-format pictures that made her reputation.
It even suggests tearable screens could be composed of more than one display type.
USPRwire, Thu Jul 30 2015] Volumetric Display Market by Component (Projector, Motor & Position Sensor), Technology (DLP and LCOS), Display Type (Swept and Static), Application (Medical, Aerospace & Defense and Oil & Gas), Geography - Global Trend & Forecast to 2015 - 2020
Other key specifications of Galaxy Gear such as the build quality, screen size, display type and battery life are expected to be leaked as the Samsung unpacked event gets closer.
The kit comprises an evaluation board for the EA eDIPTFT43-ATP display type as well as a USB cable, touch panel, and mini DVD containing software, documentation, and sample macros.
Their results showed that display type, organization (grouping), and layout complexity are features that influence eye movements.
Stewart chose Kepler for most text, and Myriad for most display type.
This pilot also suggests there is no interaction between education type and display type (because the two lines within each pair are parallel to each other).
Displays have evolved rapidly and the newest display type is called VGA (variable graphics array).
Depending on how much responsibility you want to put on your machine operators, the display type of the machine-mounted data collection units is important.
Among these, the market trends for flexible display is visualized as one of the most promising display type of the future for years to come; followed by 3D display type due to its high demand in healthcare application market.