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1. Designed to be disposed of after use: disposable diapers; disposable razors.
a. Remaining to a person after taxes have been deducted: disposable income.
b. Free for use; available: Every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire.
Something, such as a diaper or hypodermic syringe, that can be disposed of after one use.

dis·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
dis·pos′a·bly adv.


n(freie) Verfügbarkeit
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The sense of transience, of disposability lends to the songs etherealness -- both it and the relationships it documents are only here for a moment.
Still, Pitch Perfect 2 bounces merrily along for about an hour, the sheer disposability of its main plot (once the girls are warned that no American group has ever won this contest before, we might as well skip straight to the happy ending) actually a feature rather than a bug -- but then the riff-off takes forever, and then each new scene seems to dissipate the energy even further.
The results of a survey regarding top store-level hardware spending priorities for 2016 (InnovativeRetailTechnologies) indicate thatmobile points of sale (POS) will continue to be a top priority for 2016, together withcloud-based store solutions, due to their agility, scalability and disposability.
In The Myth of Male Power, Warren Farrell talks about male disposability and the empathy gap between male and female suffering.
Martin said: We work closely with the MoD through our disposability assessment process providing advice and guidance on their long-term management of radioactive waste generated by defence activities.
Cerno: This Californian industrial design and manufacturing company eschews disposability and uses responsibly-sourced materials and only LEDs.
Stormy weather; Katrina and the politics of disposability.
But that is because it is now essential that we rethink our waste strategies and stop believing that disposability equals convenience.
5m on assorted Hermes Birkins alone, so extending the disposability of her favourite fashion accessory to parts of herself is entirely in character.
Perhaps a similar dynamic is at work with camera phones and moblogs: Technical improvement alone will not change their basic traits of immediacy and disposability.
Local communities are slowly coming to the realization that the benefits of convenience and disposability must be weighed against the waste generated and the impact these materials have on the costs to tax payers for local disposal.
The growth rate of Cadmium Sulphide Ambient Light Sensors market would not be significant because of certain challenges such as disposability issues and ROHS compliance in the European Region.