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1. Designed to be disposed of after use: disposable diapers; disposable razors.
a. Remaining to a person after taxes have been deducted: disposable income.
b. Free for use; available: Every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire.
Something, such as a diaper or hypodermic syringe, that can be disposed of after one use.

dis·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
dis·pos′a·bly adv.


n(freie) Verfügbarkeit
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We are challenging the model of disposability and planned obsolescence.
Two new models, Virtual Frontier SBM (slack-based measure) with strong disposability and Virtual Frontier SBM with weak disposability, are proposed to calculate the energy efficiencies of 22 airlines from 2008 to 2012.
One crying need, according to civil rights legend and African-American theologian Ruby Sales, is a public theology in the 21st century that raises people up "from disposability to essentiality" and for those who have been told "that their whole essence is whiteness and power and domination," redefines what it means "to be fully human.
The ruthlessness of top flight managers and the disposability of footballers is no secret.
Este estudio utiliza el Analisis de Envolventes de Datos para medir el desempeno medioambiental agricola de America Latina y el Caribe; con suposicion de natural y managerial disposability, y rendimientos a escala y danos a escala; durante 2012.
The sale, with immediacy, super availability and disposability is the new ATL, fueled by disturbingly powerful consumer profiling and analytics.
Disposability via biodegradation, compostability or even flushability are all possible and somewhat natural extensions of the wetlaid process.
The 'package deal' that wearers get with daily disposability always having spares, no time-consuming care regimes and no degradation of comfort and vision overtime, holds even greater value than the price itself.
Martin said: We work closely with the MoD through our disposability assessment process providing advice and guidance on their long-term management of radioactive waste generated by defence activities.
The Single-Patient Use Split-Leg also offers the added convenience of disposability when the patient's hospital stay is complete.
Cerno: This Californian industrial design and manufacturing company eschews disposability and uses responsibly-sourced materials and only LEDs.
Still, Pitch Perfect 2 bounces merrily along for about an hour, the sheer disposability of its main plot (once the girls are warned that no American group has ever won this contest before, we might as well skip straight to the happy ending) actually a feature rather than a bug -- but then the riff-off takes forever, and then each new scene seems to dissipate the energy even further.