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Noun1.disposal plant - a plant for disposing of sewage
industrial plant, plant, works - buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
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The infant's maimed body was discovered by workers at Siniq waste disposal plant while they were sorting out the trash.
Rawalpindi -- Holy family Hospital (HFH) has refused to pay up payment of rented garbage disposal plant.
1m funding for a new waste disposal plant they've been working on for four years.
19 ( ANI ): The Indian Medical Association Goes Eco-Friendly (IMAGE) biomedical waste disposal plant, set up in Kanjikode town of Kerala's Palakkad District, has become successful in showing the rest of the country how to clear segregated biomedical waste every day.
disposal plant is being constructed to complete the job by 2021.
CONCERN has been expressed that a third major waste disposal plant could be built in Barry.
A WASTE disposal plant in Wirral was evacuated after a bomb was discovered among recyclable waste.
Project Transform was the name given to a partnership scheme aiming to build a new sustainable waste disposal plant in Coventry, to deal with waste officials say cannot be reused or recycled.
The production of methane gas from sewage sludge is already under way in such places as Kobe, where a gas station built alongside a sludge disposal plant fills motor vehicles powered by natural gas.
The first stage of the project, scheduled to be completed in late 2012, will be to improve the existing taxiways and to build a maintenance hangar, a sewage disposal plant and a new international terminal, at a cost of NT$3.
16, "A memo of understanding was signed to erect a clean electricity project, another for building a 100 MW power station, a 300 thousands ton garbage disposal plant and a plant to manufacture plastics and chemical fertilizers.
DURING the first few months of this year I have been using the waste disposal plant at Whitley.